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Our Infinite Hour

as an's not my wish to write then overload this site with posting upon posting upon posting that would bombard over and over the mind...i write, almost like i breathe or rather it's as if a meal prepared one loves to share...not that one must need eat or that it's the best place around, that has some sort of special or new kind of treats...but because if it comes to me then my next natural recourse or course is to set it free...or if it's about me diving into "mike's dysfunctions" in order to come to my Function, in order for me to personally clear my space and air so i can breathe...still, i equally love to share because i believe it similarly applies in one way or another to all of our lives...anway...though perhaps unnecessary, i wanted to explain...have a most blessed day...:)

What's around the corner?
What's to come?
What's to be our fun?
Whatever dish we wish to order
Whatever steps we take
Whether here or there
Right or left
It's really neither "here nor there"
As it IS
We Are, instead
To being connected, wed
With the All of One
Including our what was
It's all for Love
Willing, we enable
Coming from, being with
Our forever lit, Sun
Presently stable
Perfectly born
As if each one was birthed in that stable
Ready, willing and able to adorn
More than capable
To unfurl the Within
Of heaven on earth unto the world
Whatever time it be
It's our infinite hour
Whatever place we be
Ours is the benevolent power
Of the Daughter and Son

Copyright (c) Michael Mayer 2007

Mike, here's how I

Mike, here's how I personally feel about posting on this magnificent forum. I, of course, wish everyone would post. Many people just do not. And so we post on trust really, that what we post means something to someone.

Of course, it is wonderful to be a reader too, and that is everyone's privilege, to just read and not post, or to not even come here at all, though I wish they would.

I do know that there are many more people who read what others post than people who post. We don't know how many hearts are reached by what people have posted. We do not know how many times just one line or even one word of a post adds to someone's day. We don't even know whether a poem or a comment perhaps has helped someone to keep on living. I am serious about this. There is no way for us to know how much good what we write does unless someone tells us. And most people just don't tell us. And no one can respond to every post. We read and click to the next.

And, of course, we are just so glad for everyone who does come here in whatever way they come here.

To my mind, each of us who posts is like a thread that supports the whole forum. Pull one of those threads away, and we feel a loss.

In life, people do sometimes come and go on forums, just like friendships sometimes come and go. (Wasn't there a recent Heavenletter about that?) And it's not for us to hold anyone back.

To my mind, Mike, that you write your beautiful poetry and so prolifically has been a gift to the forum. Not everyone is a poet. You have also made so many brilliant comments on what other people have posted and said. No one would hold you back, Mike, but also know no one would ever like you to leave.

Your heart has to be in it, of course, yet sometimes we do things (like posting) to fill other hearts.

God bless you.

With love,


everything you say here

everything you say here Gloria, is real and i take it to heart...i just sent a long response which got lost in cutting to the chase...if i felt achieved, i wouldn't concern myself or put undue energy into, or burden an"other" with the responsibility of "how am i being perceived?"...for when it's all Of, From and For Love, the creating and sharing is more than enough...which is what Berit and so many on this site live...that to Give is a Gift given which we's not the pretend that waits, that can be delayed, that would feel shaken, not taken, seriously, because it doesn't take itself or anyone "else" so seriously, but lives happily, readily, extending, Knowing, it Is What It Is, and always will Be...with respect...honoring all that You Are and which this site Is...mike:)

Hi Mike, I for one do not

Hi Mike, I for one do not feel bombarded by your postings, I love each and everyone appropriate and hope when you feel you can post you will again soon.. your views and thoughts not dysfunctional, sensible and caring... I for one belive that God is here with me, and
I most definitely Believe that His light shines for us to see the way in
darkness, even in our darkest hours when we think all is lost, has been lost becomes our Infinite Hour... we are free with God... for always. Luv Daisy

Dearest Mike, I love

Dearest Mike, :blushing:

I love your heart, I love your expressions of love and I love all that you share so abundantly with all of us. :wub:

Love :Rolleyes:

:)'s to You, Berit - always

:)'s to You, Berit - always there/Here and to Karen and Gloria and All...mike

"each moment is new and fresh and clear and has attached to it nothing whatsoever, except for the freedom and love that we Have and Are, as Children of God"
Journey Beyond Words

Thank you Mike for all of

Thank you Mike for all of your heart-felt sharings. How can the heart not how can a cloud laden with precious water fail to release its gift?: billions of life-sustaining drops! So keep sending us your drops...your words...laden with love. Blessings...Jim and Jimi.

thanks...Jim and Jimi...for

thanks...Jim and Jimi...for your Kind and Beautiful Heart...i'm learning more and more about what true love, true self assurity, self security really Is (not just in the thinking, saying but in the doing, the Being) and it's quite a relief not to hold on to some false sense of self, to let the ego go, to embrace it, thank it, bless it on it's way...whatever way is our way, it's all about naturalness coming out...let's hear it for coming out of the closet per se, coming out to play...hip-hip-hooray...mike