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Our Perfect Hand

It's not that in the face of process, "progress" or hard work I would fly
Yet just looking into it
Pondering on what we do, how we do it
What we value and why?
If we do things
Going through the motions
Just to get them over and done
To get on with the next thing to come
If this moment of time
Is but a tool we would use
In order to attain gain
Because we entertain
That we could lose
If we attempt to force-feed motion
By giving out, or wishing for, verdicts or motions
In order to be served
We've either lost our nerve
Or have got some nerve
Either way it is served
It's the Begotten, forgotten
It's the future we consider our elixer
Our magic potion
Supposed to add to or take away
Who we are today
But really
Only attentiveness on Who we Are
Where we Are
Right Now
As everywhen, Here
Is how to "reach"
Abundance nearer than near
How to live and therefore teach
Anything and everything worthy the future can bring
This heavenly Moment
This infinite Time containing, enveloping time
That constantly Serves
Not because it must or should, act
But Because
It's present awareness is exact
Exactly focused upon All
As Love
In The First
The Word
The Real that heals by Knowing all in Health
The cards dealt
We naturally deal
Our Perfect Hand
Given and Received from the "start"
Eternity's Open Heart

Copyright (c) Michael Mayer 2007

Hi Michael...thank you for

Hi Michael...thank you for your loving words and pointers to the love that we all are...Love and blessings...Jim

Each new moment is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly.