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So In Love

So in love with Love Itself
No words can e'er convey
It fills my heart It fills my Soul
Each and every day

In Love Divine in joy I reel
Dancing in Love's Light
Skipping in The Heart of God
With wondrous angels bright

Creation's beauty all around
I see It everywhere
I breathe It's Essence with my Soul
Then breathe It out to share

In joy and love and gratitude
Each day is surely spent
Pure Love of God doth fill my Soul
In SHe I am content

I sing Love's song in constant praise
In silent splendour heard
No words are needed only love
For SHe feels every word

For God doth live inside of me
And also in you too
SHe Is The Source Of All That Is
Clothed in wondrous hue

God Is Love and Love Is Life
Nought else doth exist
Creation knows Itself in Love
Beguiled in Love now kissed


Mary :)

Hi Mike, your words mean so

Hi Mike, your words mean so much even if you make a difference to just one person... then that makes all the difference in the world.

We share in creating, Expressing in God's Love, this Love is the most important thing in the Whole world.. so for anyone living in doubt, with worry or fear or just a bit dissapointed... don't give up and never give in God Loves You always... Luv Daisy