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Who to love today?

Who to love today? Why you...and you...and you too! Leaving no one out...Loving everyone...and letting love love...cause I can't do a thing...because I'm not here anymore...(Jim and Jimi are gone) ha, ha...Just love lives here. Is this confusing...not really. Cause love in ACTUALITY, is all there is. tiny human beings...have just pretended to be separate...just pretended to have separate individual identities...and that is okay actuality...the essence of us is love. So...why not BE what we really are. try it on...see how it feels. What can you lose...except an imaginary life of strife and struggle? How to do it? just take of the pretend mask around your heart...or just go straight the depth of your heart. You can pretend that you don't know how or don't know what i am talking about...but you DO...You DO INDEED. God bless you...and I will be always loving you! Jim and Jimi (aliases for LOVE)

Oh yes dear Jim and Jimi,

Oh yes dear Jim and Jimi, INDEED I DO KNOW what you are talking about, I think this Heavenfamily knows very well INDEED !!
My God, what a blessing you are and in what a wonderful and soft way you stirr our hearts.
Thank you for all !