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Just loving you!

What am I doing today. Well, today is my day off...but even on my day ons I'm going to be doing the same thing as today....and that is loving you! How can I not love you...with this open heart that receives so much that love keeps being poured into brim up and over into your heart too. Love, of course is not mine to is all God's...even this body...even this soul of mine is all God's. As a matter of fact, it seemed like I used to be me...but now...delightfully, finally, is not around much any more...and if the truth be known...the me that I used to think that I was...was only pretend...just something made up in the mind. But since, I don't listen to the mind anymore...and live from my heart more and doesn't really matter...i.e.: NEVER MIND!! ha ha. So I just live from the love of this heart...The love that I always was...and am. ps...the same love that you always were...and are...right now! Loving you always...Jim and Jimi.

Dearest Jim and Jimi, how I

Dearest Jim and Jimi,

how I love your expressions of love and divinity!! you touch my heart and my soul with your sharings, you really bring me to heaven.... all this only to say that I have now words for letting you know your overwhelming love makes me feel.

Love and blessings dear angel

Thank you Berit...and thank

Thank you Berit...and thank you for being the blessing you are. What else is there but to increasingly live from the sacred depth of ones heart...aka LOVE. Jim and Jimi.

Each new moment is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly.

No words! God is Love and

No words! :-)

God is Love and so are you! :-)

Your love is contagious,

Your love is contagious, Jim/Jimi! :wub: :big

Beaming it back to you,