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Love is your shepherd
You cannot lack
Love makes you to lie down in green pastures
You can relax and know that Love is ever present.

It leads you beside the still waters
Now you are at peace
Because all is well
For Love is all-powerful.

Love brings your soul back from despair
It leads you into the right path
For in Love's Presence
All selfishness disappears.

Even when it feels as if you have to walk in the dark,
Love is the Light in you which lights up the way.

A table is laid before all your fears which are like enemies
You are the anointed One, the beloved child of Love
Your cup is truly overflowing with the delight of Love's Presence.

Goodness and mercy are your steady companions
And you will forever be in the Presence of Love.


A well beloved Psalm and I

A well beloved Psalm and I must admit, I like this on even better! It speaks to me.

Beautifully done, thank you Veronika!

In Love and Light,
Xenia sweet...thank you sweet...thank you Veronika...Jim

Each new moment is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly.