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Prayer for Sleep Issues

To My Creator,
Please help me to have a restful and sound sleep tonight. I ask for a guardian angel to be posted on the north, south, east, and west sides of my home during the night. I visualize my home surrounded by the Divine white light of Your protective love. I am willing to release all of my cares and worries to You and the angels so that the pockets of my soul are emptied for the night. Please send some comforting angels to my side so that I may enjoy a wonderful night’s sleep.

With Love and Light.


Dear Elisabeth, I know all

Dear Elisabeth,
I know all about sleepless nights. I have come to call them 'nightshifts' because I use them for prayer. I have been soooo blessed by this and as a result I have never suffered from feeling tired during the day.
Love, Veronika

God is Love and so are you! :-)