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Who is the giver ?

I feel privileged to be a Heavenletter reader since years.

Gloria encouraged me to share in the forum the email I send her.

Dear Gloria

I will send a personal question to God in the next days.

Thank Santhan from my part that you are his guest, you must be very happy.

As well you must know that today after I made this little contribution to Heaven letters was one of my best selling days. Isn t this miraculous ?

I think I must give more to Heaven letters ( I am missing the translation- contribution as well) in order to become rich ! - or is this Ego thinking ? Becoming rich by giving is at least cool Ego-thinking - isn t it ? Probably it is I AM thinking ..

This little humoristic approach to tithing and becoming rich is of course not to be taken too wordly .. but it may open some questions

Who says that God has no humor

Probably it may be interesting to hear that after this little comment above I opened my personal email-account and the last income was from a supplier of jewelery tools and titled:
"Zehntelmaß zum Dauertiefstpreis" it is a play of words regarding the above topic and means something like : " Measurement of the Tenth part at permanent low cost "
It sounds to me like a proof of Gods humor !

Oh, Stefan, that is quite a

Oh, Stefan, that is quite a synchronicity! What fun!

Please know that I encourage everyone to post!

I loved the title you chose for your post -- Who is the Giver? That is a wonderful question. We can also add Who is the Receiver?

Dear One, I have to say that $150. is not a small amount.

God bless you.

Dearest Stefan, I love the

Dearest Stefan,

I love the "hide and seek" game God plays with You !! He is surely smiling AND welcoming your wonderful contribution.

I thank you very much for your generous giving (receiving?), because I REALLY LOVE HEAVENLETTERS AND HEAVENREADERS !

So, again, thank you very much. wishing you most blessful days and more divine games to come :-))
much love