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Are you too seeing a lot of 11 Nowadays??

Dear Friends,

I am posting this again since it was
accidentally deleted before.

I have been seeing a lot of the number
11 wherever I look for the past
1 week.I find 11 when I look at the
computer clock or in a Book and so
on.Is there any meaning in this?
What does 11 signify?Pls let me know.

Anyone else going through the same situation or
has passed through this??


Are you too seeing a lot of 11 Nowadays??

Dear Shahid,
and I post again the answer I posted to your question. I've been seeing lots of sequences of other numbers as well (12:12, 20:20). Recently I seem to keep bumping into the number 29 (my birthday) in the strangest places and occasions.

You can find one nice explanation in the following link:


Are you too seeing a lot of 11 Nowadays??

Dear Soul Paula,

Thank you soo much for the link you sent.
It was Interesting to read:)

Oh...I just saw 11 again just now...
Guess where???.........................
On this forum,In this topic,the total
number of views were.......11,Spooky,huh..
Ha Ha.

I Bow to the God in you.


I always saw this number in 11?

I love God of Israel in Love I go. Has anyone read this infor. please reply.

Are you too seeing a lot of 11 Nowadays??

Hi dear Shalid,Paula and all!

Dear Paula, thank you for reporting this link. I've already added it to my favorites in order to explore it deeper some time later.

Dear Shalid,yes,this gentle wake-up nudge from God is quite "spooky" sometimes :D
I, too, see often number sequences. In a Doreen Virtue's book I found a complete explanation for each number sequence. According to Doreen Virtue here's what God is trying to tell us through the repeating sequence 11:11 (The translation is mine so please be lenient with any mistakes)

11:11 - Notice your thoughts carefully and make sure that you only think what you want and not what you do not want. This sequence is a siganl that there's an opportunity gate opening, and that your thoughts get manifested in record time. 111 is like a shining bulb light winking. It means that the universe has just took an istant picture of your thoughts and is now manifesting them. Are you satisfied with the thoughts that the universe has just shot? If not, correct your thoughts (ask for help from the angels if you have a difficulty in checking or writing down your thoughts)

. I do see this number too

. I do see this number too often in my clock. morning and night. It more like a wait for it. really that explain when I feel I think of a toy it become manifested. I feel that I attracted thing with my thought.