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What a "privilege" to have found Heavenletters!

Dear Gloria,

You should know that if I had had to choose a twin, I would, for sure, have chosen you!

Because you brought us all such a magnificent present with the Heavenletters. They are what we call in French "La cerise sur le gâteau" (the cherry on the cake) of my spiritual path. Let me explain.

My spiritual search started when I was very young, around age 10, when I started reading the books my older brother brought home from the "Universal White Brotherhood Fraternity", books collecting the conferences of O.M. Ivanhov.

Thereafter, I kept on reading many books and trying to apply what I read to my personal life, with the ups and downs of life.

Then came the Heavenletters, and things became faster and easier in my life. I do believe that Heavenletters have this effect on Heavenreaders.

Since I started translating then, the speed became exponential! Certainly because translating those precious words made me go deeper into the understanding and the feeling of them, but also because of all the wonderful exchanges I had with you and your team through the forum and blog. It does feel like home when you get to have exchanges with such a loving and considerate "crowd". And, I am sure that you can accept the idea that you are the head (?), the heart (?) (I guess I don't find the proper word to define your role) of this "crowd". Thank you for accepting that "job".

When I started translating the Heavenletters, I watched a video of you on your site, and I was so moved... For many reasons : because you look and express yourself so much like my mother (who is a very loving person), because it was so obvious to me that, when I reach your age, I wish I'll be like you and because so much love and kindness emantes from you.

So, I guess, this is a belated Valentine Love Letter from me to you and all of Heaven, and God knows you deserve it!