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Happy Day

I'm thinking this is a miracle, and I sure love miracles. When miracles happen, they're easy. That's part of their being a miracle. Miracles aren't hard work.

One clue to being part of a miracle seems to be to desire something but not have to have it. It's desiring without being attached.

This that I'm going to tell you about was an impulse of thought I had, and I acted on it. The acting on it was a short email. That's all.

A thought about the Heavenletter God Makes a Jingle occurred to me and that it ought to be a song. A dear subscriber was going to make a song of it, but it's been a long while and I haven't heard. The name of a master musician, lead singer, producer etc. long-time subscriber popped into my head. His name is Lance King (what a great name for a hero!), and he has a record-breaking record company!

In a few sentences, I emailed Lance and asked him if he might like to write a Heavenletter song based on that Heavenletter.

Within the hour, Lance wrote back Yes! He said Yes.

This has to be a miracle. What else can it be? This is a big thing. People work hard for this kind of exposure and may never get it. I am swooning in joy!

Lance is going to compose a song, put it to music, think of what is the best way to present it, and take it all the way.

I have noted that this Heavenletter Spiritual Community forum sometimes has 81 people reading it at the same time. The Godwriting blog doesn't get that many hits, so I'm mentioning this here to point you to two recent blog entries about this God-inspired miracle:

And maybe you will post a comment so we can know you went to the blog and share the joy of a dream for Heavenletters™ come true.

By the way, to give you an idea of Lance's consciousness, here is what he said about how this beautiful thing happened almost by itself:

Awesome indeed, "the water flows without thinking", this is my mentality, you only need to be in spirit with actions and intent and it flows in the direction you need/want/love.

This could be a testament about Godwriting™ as well.

Awesome ! Amazing ! I love

Awesome ! Amazing ! I love God guiding us so lovingly !!
sweetest love

Beloved Berit, I should have

Beloved Berit, I should have posted this under the cartoon!

You have to see this!

And, you, too, keep me smiling. :)

Love, Gloria