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When you are challenged

Dearest One,

I trust you are doing great at the moment. I just wanted to share with you some of the things that has been going on for a while now. Its surely a great thing to share with you the amazingly great things that has been going on.

For more than two months now I have not been posting on this forum and all that time I was confronted by life challanges, I mean things that previously I could have looked at as an accident or something unjustly imposed on me. But with this forum, heavenletters and other wonderful people in my life, Our love, the Love of God,.......... I smiled all through and I still smile even better now.

I would not bore you with all the details of what happened, but I will highlight some just to let you know that the love of God is always guiding us even when we see it as pain and sorrow or as an unjust act.

I'm posting at this miracle area of the forum because I think other people will learn from my experience. But before I continue, I want to thank Dearest Gloria Wendroff for her support and encouragement via email.

The challenges were more about money, business and relationship. At this period everything seem to come at a stand still, the energy to do things was very low, it seems nothing is working, inside I know that I know the right thing to help me succeed, I have learnt, heard, studied and even trust the Love of God.

Then why was I not making the best of myself, why was I experiencing friction, why was I having low energy........the answer........ I didn't really trust God, I didn't really trust myself, I really got to understand that just knowing will not help unless I truly trust that the Love of God is the best for us.

I will be posting more on what happened after the challanges, the great things that are happening to me right now from all areas of my life, and how my own book (LOVE: The secrect and law of spiritmillionaires) inspired and encouraged me greatly.

The book will be released Next year.

I will be back soon.

with gratitude and blessing.


Good to see you back Ekene!

Good to see you back Ekene! :big

It always pains to see other people going through difficult challenges in different areas of their life, but it seems that you have 'weathered' yours and that now, great things are happening for you. Isn't that wonderful?

Here we have a saying: "Let go.....................let God". By what you share with us, it seems that that is exactly what you ended up doing. Good for you! :thumbup:

Looking forward to you sharing your miracles, so that we can learn something as well.

Love and Light and Joy to you!

Dearest Xenia, Thank you for

Dearest Xenia, Thank you for being here too. You said it very correctly "Let go..........Let God" and as we do that, every other thing will fall in place.

Yes more miracle are just happening every moment, and I'm very grateful to them. I will be telling you more about the book, this book has really been a great thing in my life and in the life of those that has seen it so far.

Actually you will be seeing the great miracles of heavenletters in that book.

Have a great moment.

with gratitude and blessing.


Dearest Ekene, I'm glad you

Dearest Ekene,

I'm glad you are back and I'm glad you are ok. Often what we call "problems" are really gifts, but often we see the gift only after it's over. You surely had a wide range gift, touching all areas of you life. I am eager to read more of what happened to you dear !!!!

Big big hugs and endless joy and love to you


Dearest Berit, yes its good

Dearest Berit, yes its good to be back here and more wonderful to hear from you and I trust you are doing great too.

I think the details of what happened might actually take a book to be well explained. I think the most important thing is that like you rightly said, "Problems" are really gifts"..... I'm sure that is very correct. Some of the problems was about finance, business and shelter as well, and they all came at the same moment.

I'm very greatful for the love of God, our love, for I still understand that the truth is God's love guiding me in all.

Dearest Berit, I'm doing great at the moment and I will be posting part of the book here for us to read.

With gratitude and blessing.