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After reading todays Heavenletter ....

Todays Heavenletter kept coming up in my mind for I love it so much and then all of sudden I had to write down a few lines. It is a wonderful feeling of freeing and sharing something I feel inside that longed to be expressed.
Love and blessings to all !

Dear God, most beloved Father and sweetest divine Mother,

your love is like being wrapped up in a warm and soft bedcover, only that this is also inside me, it's all me, my whole being and it's all You and all the Universe and all Your Creation. It's really warm and soft, in way that words cannot convey and cannot express. It is feeling home and safe and back to the source, it's every feeling I can possibly immagine, it's the sum total of all feelings. Sometimes I have a real need to express somehow this feeling of being home, but words are limited.
Well, just wanted to let You know and thank You, love You so much !!
Your loving daughter

My sweetest Child,
it's ok with your soul, indeed your soul knows only the bliss of being eternally home, even while you are here on Earth right now. It is wonderful when We are so intimately connected, when Our hearts are indeed One, for my love is the warmth and softness you feel in your heart and being, that's Me, and your heart is meant to melt in this feeling of warmth, for when it melts indeed My heart is yours, yours and yours to give and share ABUNDANDANTLY. Give abundandently that of which you have abundance, and that is My love sweet Child.
You tend to slip back to the thought that you should do something, maybe something special for Me or for others.
I repeat it again and I will repeat it again and again and again, you need not do anything, anything at all, not for Me, not to "give" to Me nor for others, for We are all One and so "others" don't exist, everything and everyone is you and is Me. Just BE love and BE joy and Be compassion, no need to DO anything, no need at all, just BE the wonderful eternal love you have always been, you are and you will always be.

Your loving Father

You can imagine how my heart

You can imagine how my heart is bursting with joy at your beautiful Godwriting, Berit.

So, the words just had to come.

Yes, and who spoke first, I wonder, and Who answered?

Welcome, Berit.

My first response does not

My first response does not show on the list of comments. Does this one show?!!!

The best description I can

The best description I can find is that this did just happen in the spur of a moment, it just had to come out.
It's overwhelming, it is so very freeing ! I have a strong feeling that God's response through you dear has a lot to do with it, for it is much much more than just question and answer.
It is a divine contact on all levels and dimensions I think, and the love, incredible love and energy that came through with God's response to you angel, where and are amazing. Re-reading your response is like crossing a tunnel or a bridge and being right there in the arms of God, in pure light and pure love.

It's really far more than just putting a question and receiving an answer we can read. I thank you again and again and again. Big hugs to you.

Love and blessings

I feel your joy Berit! Your

I feel your joy Berit! Your divine love radiates through the many posts here. Thank you for being who you are!

Much love, :wub: :wub: :wub:

Dearest Xenia, the question

Dearest Xenia,

the question I did put to God through Gloria was such an overwhelming experience, a divine shower of love without end.
I hope you are well and so your family dear, are you ready for Christmas ?????
I'd love to have some snow although in the town it soon gets just dirty.. but it is such a wonderful atmosphere, like fairy tale, all sounds are subdued and it's really wonderful !!

Immense love and joy and light and big big hugs to you angel !


I open my heart and my arms

I open my heart and my arms wide to the joy, light, love and hugs that you are sending, dear Berit!!!

We are all well :) , thank you for asking, and expecting a grandchild as a Christmas gift. :thumbup:

As for snow, I love it too when all is blanketed in white and as you discribe,.."wonderful atmosphere, like fairy tale"... The first snow is so pristine! Times have changed and we now, in the Northwest, are only getting two to three snowfalls per season.

Have a great forewer!

Dearest Xenia, I'm so glad

Dearest Xenia,

I'm so glad the wonderful Christmas gift !!!!! :Rolleyes:

My younger son, Emanuele, now 12 years old, was born on the 17th december, right before Christmas and it was indeed a most wonderful Christmas !!!!!

Hugs and blessings to you angel