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I was so afraid I would vanish into nothingness.

First I must tell you something very personnal about me, so that you can understand the whole story.

I was born with a common face deformity that can now easily be treated with two or three surgical operations, but needed much more of it about thirty years ago.
So I had to go through 12 surgical operations, between the age of 3 month and 22 years old, before I can have a face that everybody would call "normal".

Every surgical operation was to me very traumatizing because, each time, I felt the awfull sensation of falling into nothingness, and, each time, I was afraid I would never come back, never wake up. This nothingness, this intimate nothingness I would say, was terribly frightening to me and it was the way I contemplated death. Till I was 22, I thought death matched nothingness.

But something very specific happened to me during my last surgical operation. It was in 1997, the 16th of september which is the day before my birthday. This operation was quite special in itself. I wont give you all the details, cause it's not so important, but the fact is that this operation, which was supposed to last three hours but lasted in fact nearly four hours, was quite risky. It could have failed. Fortunately, I was operated by a great surgeon, maybe the greatest in the world regarding this face deformity matter. It was a great stroke of luck I was operated by this wonderful man and I was born in France, were social insurance is one of the best in the world. I'm so grateful for that.

At 11:30 AM they came into my room to transport me to the operating room. Despite the medicine they give every patient in order to help them relaxing, I was quite anxious. Before going, I was alone for a few minutes, and then I prayed. I was so afraid I would vanish into nothingness.

When I was lying on the operating table, while feeling I was going to fall more than deeply asleep, a few seconds before my eyes shut, I thought about God and I thought about the Christ and thought something like "Okay, I trust you".
Then I falled into this consciousness black hole again and woke up as if I had travelled through time. But there was something wrong. The operation wasn't finished. I awoke in the very middle of it. Fortunately I didn't panic for I didn't feel any pain. The surgeon just told me some words of comfort like "Don't worry. Everything is fine. We just had to wake you up and now we're going to put you to sleep again." So I came back to "sleep" and then, it happened...

I awoke in another world. All of a sudden I was standing barefoot, in a fresh and short green grass. I was wearing a kind of white cloth, like a bright white alb. The landscape was... Just awesome. There were green hills as far as the eye can see. It was almost the same as this earthly landscape from Mongolia I discovered later :
Except the fact that the sky wasn't blue at all and there were no clouds. The color of the sky was a kind of very bright golden grey, yet it wasn't blinding.

The first thing I thought when I "arrived" in this place was : "Well, I'm back !". Indeed, I still don't know how this can be, but, as a matter of fact, this place was very well-known to me. I felt home. And I immediately felt that it was more real than my so-called real life on earth. A few seconds later, I could see a man walking to me. He was about thirty years old, bearded, with long chestnut airs. He weared the same cloth as me, despite the fact he also weared a simple golden belt. He had very sweet eyes. To me it was beyond doubt that he was The Christ.

However, as he was just standing before me, I had a thought for my parents and my sister who, in this very moment were still "on earth". Then a vision of Earth appeared right before my eyes... Well, I think I shouldn't call this a vision... It was more like a hologram I would have make apear. This 3D picture of earth was very colorful and it was surrounded by a kind of bright green and blue glory. Then Christ just told me : "Don't worry. They're just fine". He was talking about my familly of course. So he started to walk in this wonderfull landscape and I followed him. I was walking on his left side, gazing at him. As we were taking this walk, which seemed quite long to me and lasted about one hour I would say, we had a long talk. Unfortunately, I can't remember what we talked about. All I can remember is that, at some time, his eyes seemed to loose themselves into the green grass and, a moment later, he would just look at me, smiling. It seems to me that he was examining my whole life but I can't explain why I'm so sure about it.
Just to prevent any misunderstanding, I think I should add that he wasn't judging me at all. In fact, it was more as if I would have found back a dear old friend.

So we were calmly walking when, suddenly he stopped and looked straight before him in a very grave way. I felt very intrigued by this behaviour, so I looked in the same direction and what I saw I will never forget...
Right to our left side was a vast wall. It was made of huge grey stones cut in perfect square. The wall height and its length seemed immeasurable as it was vanishing into the sky and to the horizon.
At the bottom of this wall, there were hundreds of "doors", or maybe I should say hundreds of openings, the size of a normal door and of a very bright electric blue color. The distance between these "doors" was aproximately 2 meters (6.56 feet). As I was looking to this incredible wall, I knew each "door" standed for one human being on earth and that I was gazing at something very important and really wonderfull. Would it be a kind of great experiment ? I don't know. Maybe.

Then I faced back the Christ and, as he was looking at me, I could feel a kind of deep sweet warmth while he was surounded by a magnificent golden light. It was his love I was feeling. In this place, love can be seen and almost touched, and it feels like the rays of the sun by a sunny autumn day.
So He was looking at me and he said : "Tu es sur le bon chemin. C'est celui de l'amour. Mais tu vas devoir persévérer. Tu as encore des choses à faire en bas." wich means "You're on the right way. It is the one of love. But you'll have to persevere. You still have some things to do downwards."
So, he put his left hand on my right shoulder and gently pushed me toward a "door" in the wall. Then I immediately understood this was the door leading to my body on earth and, as I was crossing its threshold, I started to wake up from my surgery operation. It was like I was entering my body from its right side. The feeling was a kind of tickle.
While I was opening my eyes, I was back in my hospital room and I still could catch a brief glimpse of him on my right side. He was waving at me with a little peaceful smile.

Never did I awake this way from a surgical operation, nor did I have any experience of this kind before this day. In fact, I didn't have any experience at all during my previous surgical operations, even a single dream.
The next day, it was my birthday. I was 22.

That's all.

I know you might have many things to say about this story. But I can swear it really happened to me and that, for me, it is as real as real can be. And it had nothing to do with a dream.

So beautiful Cedric. Thank

So beautiful Cedric. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I feel your were blessed and meant to have that experience. Since then, how has that experience affected your life? Jim(i)

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

Oh, beloved Cedric, I am so

Oh, beloved Cedric, I am so moved I do not know what to say. I am feeling something so powerful from reading what you wrote. I knew it was Truth as I was reading.

With your permission, there is something I want to do right away. I know a lady who collects the true stories for I AM A MIRACLE books. I would like to send your story to her. Okay?

I also just thought of Isis who sends out a newsletter every day. She includes a Heavenletter every day. With your permission, I would also send your lucid story to her. I would want everyone to have the beautiful experience I had reading your story.

It just occurred to me to send them the URL to your story. I will send this URL to many.

I am so glad you could have the operations you did and that they were successful. People have a better chance of knowing who you are now. The physical realm can blind us.

God bless you. Thank you.

Beloved Cedric, Your story

Beloved Cedric,

Your story has touched my heart deeply, I do not know what to say but thank you for sharing.



So so beautiful CC ~ thank

So so beautiful CC ~ thank you for sharing it!

Sending lots of Love & hugs your way



Dearest Cedric, I thank you

Dearest Cedric,

I thank you with all my heart and soul for sharing this wonderful divine experience with us. I am so glad that all went well and I am totally lost in awe at the beauty of what you lived. I have no doubt what so ever that you really had this divine experience with Jesus, the love that comes through reading each word is infinite and powerful. Sharing this gift is a real blessing for all those who can read your story, I have no words to describe how I feel, I'm in Heaven. Such peace and love comes through !!!

I thank you dearest Cedric !


Cher Cedric, What a

Cher Cedric,

What a life-changing experience you have had!.....and it was not only real to you, it was Reality!

You ARE 'on the path of Love' by sharing your inspired music, God's letters in French, and recently your 'Godwriting' and sharing your beautiful Self and we are blessed to have you here!

Your story and your 'Godwriting' have touched me deeply, at the same time, I feel a great Joy for you.

Thank you for the gifts that you are giving us!


Thank you very much dear

Thank you very much dear all. I'm so glad it could touch your hearts.

For these past 10 years I didn't much shared this experience, except with my family and a few very good friends of mine. Only once did I mention it into a French forum but, as it was not the main topic being debated, it was almost unnoticed.

I think, somehow, I was looking for the appropriate time and place to talk about it.

So, when I discovered Heavenletters, a few weeks ago, I immediately knew this was the right place to share what happened to me, for I felt without a doubt that the source was the same : God's infinite love.
To me Heavenletters are very connected to what I lived. It is as if all the incredible amount of love I could feel during my experience, 10 years ago, had been put into words.

So, to answer your question, yes dear Gloria, of course you can send this story to whoever you believe it is appropriate to. Just mention my first name, so that it doesn't sound too "anonymous", and it will be okay.
In order to prevent any suspicion I'd like to add that I don't wanna make money, or become "famous", or things like that with this story. All I aim to is to open a door in the readers heart. A door to heaven. The door which threshold I was allowed to cross, like everybody will.

Let's now consider Jim question, cause it seems to me that it's a very important and relevant one.

How has that experience affect my life ?

Though today is Saint Cédric day (and I can assure you I didn't make it on purpose, for I didn't remember at all and it's my father who, this morning, reminded me about this by sending me a message on my cellphone), I'm not a Saint at all.
I don't make miracles. I don't change water into wine, nor do I walk on water (except when it's frozen like anybody does). I don't go to church except for special events like weddings or so. I don't heal people just by touching them, though I know of a very good technique to get rid of cramps in a few seconds.

So what ?

For me this experience reminded me of God's infinite love. What it changed in my life is that now I KNOW that love is the most important and the most powerful thing in the universe and beyond.

Of course I had experienced love before. Of course I had read about miracles, read things about Jesus, heard about NDE and so on.
But there was still deep doubt and fear in me. What if God doesn't exist I wondered ? What if this whole universe is meaningless ? What if we are an accident ? What if death is the end of everything ? What if when we die there's nothing ? Nothing forever...
Because I was obsessed by these questions, I couldn't live my life in peace.
I guess I had to see, to experiment things by myself, to be reassured, and that's exactly what the Christ did for me and what God did through him.
Now sharing this experience is a way for me to reassure other people, to show them what God's love looks like, though I guess they will also need to live their own spiritual experience, and they will.

God is pure love and this love is so powerful that it is beyond any explanation.

Dearest Cedric, I'm glad

Dearest Cedric,

I'm glad you had the immediate feeling that Heavenletters were God's love, for I felt the same. My heart knew that this was God speaking to His children and I was and am so glad about this blessing.

..... and so you don't make miracles ?????? well, what do you think is your sharing this wonderful experience with us was, if not a miracle ? how do you think we feel after reading your breathtaking story, if not participant in a divine miracle ??????? I can say for myself, that while reading your words a very consistent part of me actually felt like being there with you and Jesus, and that, dear Cedric, is most sweet mircacle for which I am deeply grateful to you !!!


A while back Gloria sent me

A while back Gloria sent me a link to a video of this young lady who was painting pictures of Heaven. When I saw the video, I had a profound/powerful experience of remembrance/recognition and I thought 2 things, "Hey thats home." and "They're here finally."

I get those similar feelings with the community here. God has brought together a very powerful community here through Gloria and Heavenletters.

Here are the links Cedric

Your story is inspirational.

One Love

Dear Berit, I'm so happy the

Dear Berit, I'm so happy the experience I shared reached your heart so deeply, for it is exactly what I wanted to do.
I wished I would be able to transmitt the love I was given through this experience, and you showed me I could do so. So thank you very much for letting me know about it. It is very important to me and, I think, not only to me, cause I'm sure God wants you to know you are immeasurably loved.

Dear Heaven Admin,

Thank you so much for sharing these videos about Akiane Kramarik.
Her paintings of Jesus are just awesome. I recognised him immediately.
No doubt to me she expresses with great accuracy her deep connection to Heaven.

I found her website. Here is the link :

Much blessings,