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In the Recesses of your mind

Dear God, most beloved and sweet Father,

I did search for a message from You from the Cosmci Heavenletter Generator and I want to thank You once more for this wonderful way of speaking to all of us !!
Of course You did send me the perfect message exactely at the right moment, although each time I ask You: "How did You know?".
Can words convey my endless love and gratitude to You and to this Heavensite ? I hope so, but You can always read my heart, for it's Your's.
Thank You ! Hold me tight, pls.

God's reply:

"My sweetest child, of course I know always what is on your mind and in your heart, and so, My divine love flocks on you in every possible way. My divine love flocks always on all of you. You did experience that what is on your mind can influence you and your whole being although no outer changes have come to your life. You see once more, that independent on what is in your life, you can always choose which way to look and how to direct your heart. Choose love, always, choose My love for in My love is your joy, your peace and happines and share with all other hearts that surround you.
Be gentle with yourself and step away from doingness and simply BE, BE My child, Be My love, Be the love and the peace that I AM.
Your loving Father."

This just came to me right now, thought of sharing.
A big big hug to all wonderful hearts here on this Heavensite, love you all !

Oh how beautiful

Oh how beautiful Berit!

Thank you for sharing your radiant heart and Soul

Much Love and many Blessings to you Beloved Daughter of God ~



A big, big hug to you, from

A big, big hug to you, from me, dearest Berit!

"Be gentle with yourself and just BE", was also given to me some time ago. These words still come back to me, when I am out of balance or overdoing it. Once realized and coming back to center again, everything that seemed out of sorts or not right, falls to the wayside.

The Love that you and God share is so beautiful and intimate! Never forget it..........and don't forget, that we love you also!

Thank you so much for sharing!

Thanks to you dearest Xenia

Thanks to you dearest Xenia and thanks to sweet Mary, I always slip back to "I must do this and that and I must or should do it better ecc....." It is so good when God reminds me that we are perfect the way we are and that there is nothing we must do. Be Happy !!!
I love you all here, God's love and joy and creativeness is being expressed here constanty in a most sweet and joyfull way. Hearts do meet hearts here, it is indeed a wonderful place !!

Love and big big hugs to all