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Heavenletters for prisoners

Hello Everybody,

I received an email from Gloria with regard to my posts on the on-line discussion of the Community Miracles Center in San Francisco ( and she also asks me what Heavenletters can do for me. At Gloria's request I post on this forum for the first time and below is my answer to her:

Beloved Gloria,

By sending me the Heavenletters daily you do enough for me and God will take care of all my needs.
I have to tell you that I write with two inmates, one is innocent and hopefully his lawyer gets him out soon, and the other one committed his crimes at the age of 16 and is also in for life. I print the Heavenletters for both of them in the morning and send him every week and they appreciate them very much. Robert, the first one, shares them with his friends, so the Heavenletters also circulate in prison.
One of the particpants of the on-line discussion has her ex-husband in prison and he finds ACIM too difficult so I suggested that she send him Heavenletters which she said she will do.


Thank you Luus for your

Thank you Luus for your heart felt comments. Heavenletters like other kindling for the fire of love...find their way into peoples lives...into their hearts...when the hearts are open enough to receive them. I'm so happy they found a way into yours and others close to you. Love finds a way regardless of the terrain! Love and many blessings to you and thank you for sharing! Jimi

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

Dear Luus, Thank you for

Dear Luus,

Thank you for sharing the trajectory of the “Heavenletters” and especially to you, for forwarding them!

The “Heavenletters” are so full of love and empowerment, and non-judgmental, that they easily find their way into many hearts. The deep truths that they carry touch the truths that we all hold deep within and little by little, we start to recognize them.

Not only those that are behind bars, require to receive God’s indiscriminate love; also we, who are in the free world, who have created bars around our thinking, beliefs and attitudes. As Jim(i) say’s it so well: “ Love finds a way regardless of the terrain!”

Much love to you and those you touch,

Luus, I love that you print

Luus, I love that you print out Heavenletters and send them on to people in prison. My understanding is that prisoners have no access to the internet. Printing out and mailing isn't all that easy. Of course, you are thinking of service to God, and that makes your kindness much easier to do, do you agree?

Dear Gloria, I find that

Dear Gloria, I find that when you surrender to God and choose to serve Him nothing is difficult to accomplish. Printing the Heavenletters and mailing them is very easy really, but I also write to my 'darlings' in prison every week and that takes time, but it is not a one-way street for they give me much love in return.
God gave me much more difficult things to do and every time my awareness grows and also my trust that all will be well in the end.

Dearest Luus, God surely

Dearest Luus,

God surely takes care of all our needs. I think you are doing a wonderful thing in printing the Heavenletters and sending them around. God will find His way to all hearts that long for Him, and you are a wonderful instrument in His loving hands.

Much much love and blessings