What Will the World Be without You?

God said:

You may worry about everything under the Sun no matter what. You are so tied to Life on Earth as if Life can only be one prescribed way and not another. If you could, you might well control everything under the Sun. You would keep everything in place just as it is now. Contrary to what you may speculate about Life, no matter how much you may begrudge how Life has treated you, Life is enduringly dear to you. One way or another, perceived or not perceived, you know Oneness deeply. You just don’t let on to yourself.

Nevertheless, if it were up to you, even after you yourself have departed Earth for a vacation in Heaven, you might want to call the shots from afar. It’s hard for you now to let Life go its own way. It always was, true?

Among your worries, you worry about what if the Earth should be decimated and Earth be no longer? What if your family no longer exists? What if there is some kind of end-play? You worry about posterity. True?

What would happen to the internet, you wonder. Would all precious knowledge stored on Earth disappear? What will happen to language? Music? Will instruments be the same? Voices the same?

Beloveds, Beloveds, all that you see as happening on Earth is all story, remember. It appears to you to have happened. You see disparity and such things such as heartache. Story all.

The only Truth on Earth that you really and truly experience is Love Itself. You may have had an on/off feature with Love, yet Love Itself is ever constant. Aside from Love which is another word for Oneness, you do honestly believe that the Stories on Earth are your True experience of Life.

You even experience the history of the past. You even experience sci-fi in the future as well. Unless you are experiencing a sense of Love on Earth, what you experience on Earth in what is called the Present, you experience from your imagination. It is a fly-by-night that you imagine, yet you buy it as real.

The passage of time isn’t True.

That which lasts, that which is called Infinity, is True. There is no time and space in Infinity. No beginning and no end. Infinity is incapable of having an end, and Infinity never was not. You and I exist as One in Infinity and this is the Truth. This is a Valiant Truth.

Dear dear Darlings, do not agitate about possibly losing the internet or anything.

See Life as an interlude, an out of Life experience. You can consider Life as a ride on the Roller-Coaster or like a slow day Fishing in the River. There is plenty of start and stop on Earth.

You may feel that time goes faster, and that it really used to go slower. Of course, this is one way of looking at Life on Earth. It is not, however, the only way.

Let Me put all this differently. If the world as you know it did end, nothing is lost. You can’t bear to think of a world without Shakespeare. What would happen to the Bible? You can’t bear to think of the world as you have known it without existing.

Dear Ones, I, God, will never disappear. The Ability to Create still exists. Details may vary, yet Life Itself will be beautiful and touching. Love will abound.

How do I prevail upon you the idea that nothing is lost? In Reality, you will let go of the concept of loss. There are other worlds, and there is Love and there is Life. All is well.

You will continue to swim in the Ocean of Life whatever it may be called. The Real is always yours. Truth is never lost, for you always hold Truth. Truth is vouched-safe.

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Life Being a Creative Idea,
Calls to Each One to Experience,
For It Is Only in the Full Freedom of Our Experience,
That I AM Given the Knowledge That I AM the One,
And I AM Also the Many.

Tee, he, ho, ho, let Us Remember to Laugh Often at Our Funny Show.