The God Train

God said:

Take advice from Me. Let go of everything you have always thought in regard to your own value. No longer will you downplay your True Self.

You are My Self. We can say that you are the Fledgling of Me. Can I make it any clearer than this? You come from Me. You are My Child. I love you. You are My Inheritor. I would like you to listen to Me. Let even an inch of what I say enter into your Heart and your Soul and radiate from you to every corner of the Universe. No effort on your part. I will accomplish this Reality and Self-Realization on your behalf. It is in the bag, Dear Ones.

You and I are One. We are of the same Dimension, or, We can say, of the same Unlimited State that goes beyond Dimension. There never was a moment when you and I were separate. You have long-held the idea of separation and the impossibility of Oneness with Me. Now I press Oneness into your hand and from there swiftly into your Heart.

I don’t put you on. I am not a false Prophet, nor do I wish you to be false to the Truth of Who You Are. Okay, you are not yet fully aware. I agree that you have a way to go. I tell you frankly that you will come to the point where you begin to allow the tiniest possibility. This is all it takes, My Beloveds. A tiny whisper of Truth will open up the entire Heavens to you the same way as the Morning Dew and the Dawn accompany each another.

Let a little Light enter your mind. Once a little Light of Possibility enters you, you will go further, and faster and your Self-Value will blossom fulsomely.

When you enter a train, you sit down. Whatever train you board will take you to New Delhi or New York City or wherever your chosen destination is. All you have to do is to get on the train.

In terms of Enlightenment, this objective that seems so far away from you or even impossible, listen: I give you a Ticket from Me. The ticket clearly states where you are going. There are no incorrect tickets.

I tell you very frankly that you are already on this train. That you are on the right train is a Gift I give to My Self. Right here where I am, and this is where you will find Me waiting for you to catch up with yourself.

Come a little closer, I say to you. I have all the riches of Heaven right here waiting for you.

If you only knew, you have always been on this train with Me. Not only have I given you your ticket, I reserve your seat, and I make sure you get on the steps to the right train.

Be advised that there is no train that says: “Here you will go backwards where ignorance used to be.”

There is only one God Train, and it is called Express to Enlightenment. Call it Heaven. Call it what you will. It is where I AM and where I happily wait for you day after day. Dear Ones, don’t take so long. I am eager to greet you.

To reach Infinity – well, what you actually reach is your realization of where your Infinite Self already is.

One day you will say: “Oh, this is it. Imagine this! I was here all along, yet I didn’t see. I can hardly believe I am here! What wonders You do strew on Earth, God.”

Now, of course, I don’t say: “I told you so.”

I say rather: “My Beloveds, now you have come to Me, and now We rejoice!”