The Work Police Are Not Chasing You

God said:

When Life is too busy, you are too distracted. It really is in your mind that you are too busy. You may be out of your mind being over-busy.

Perhaps speeding up isn’t the answer. Your mind is too busy as it is simply bouncing off being too busy. You have the same hours everyone else has. The heavy sense of being too busy is a habit of mind. It keeps you from getting down to the business of getting the work done.

If it were hot summertime, and you were wearing a heavy sweater, you would take off the sweater and put on a tee shirt or thin cotton top. How do We make this metaphor work on your sense of being weighed down with too much to do? This comes down to a matter of belief. It isn’t that you have too much to do. You keep too much on your mind, not too much to do. You have been stockpiling obligation in your mind. You pile up yourself, and you block yourself with an overwhelming sense of being overburdened. You can’t seem to get out from under.

Must you carry a sense of having too much to do? Is it true? Is it true, or is this a clinging sense of over-obligation you nurture? Maybe you really would profit from slowing down rather than speeding up.

No one can do ten things at one time. Perhaps you can stick to one thing at a time. The concept of having too much to do makes you specialize in having too much to do.

The value of a list is that you can scratch off the whole list.

What are you too busy with? For one thing, it has to be that you are too busy with the idea of having too much to do. Life itself isn’t too busy. Yes, the overbearing sense of too much to do wears you down. The pressure you feel is of your own making, dear ones. The work police are not chasing you.

Kick out the sense of being pressured. In world time, everyone has the same 24-hours a day. Don’t panic. Do what you do without panic. Be at ease with Life as it presents itself to you. Have the idea that you are a wise person at the top of a mountain who gets everything done without jumping around.

Hurry-Hurry can be a matter of avoidance. It is self-recrimination. You lug ten wagons behind you. It’s not so much that your work is back-breaking as it is that the weight you carry is accumulating. Let Us find a way to ease the weight.

Get back to focusing on what is helpful to you and not what is not.

Give yourself greater appreciation. It’s obvious. Instead of a list of what you haven’t done, list what you did get done. Honest, you are not so fettered as you seem to think. Work can be work and yet be effortless. Don’t be short of breath. Don’t race.

All of your Life doesn’t need to be a panic attack. Slow down. Easy wins the race. Anyway, who needs to win a race? Certainly not a race against time. Yes, I know that in the world at large, everything takes time. Even doing nothing takes time. Keep up with the present.

Define yourself away from a sense of time. Then you won’t have to feel that you are running out of time. Get going. Perhaps you will find that you have more time. I kid you not.

Watch your posture. Watch your stance in Life. In the world, you may well sense that there is not enough time, yet, how it is in this timed world, you have just the right amount of time. Remind yourself that you are timeless.

Ye of little time, slow down your interior clock.