I See You Beautiful

God said:

You don’t have to be wrapped up in circumstances. Pretty much circumstances are how you rate yourself in terms of the world. I see you Beautiful. The world and I, as you know by now, don’t see you in the same way.

The world may have taught you that this and that matter. You don’t have to be a certain way for Me. Not at all. I do not demand that you live on a so-called better area of town. I don’t require where you live at all. I do not recognize homeless or palace or mansion or hovel. I don’t require a certain wardrobe of you or education. You don’t need to have a new car to be loved by Me. I am Light and Love. I see with My Eyes and not those of the arbitrary world. I rate you. I rate you not by appearances or anything at all. I Love.

Do you think that for one minute I go by status in the world? I see quite differently. Instead of your thinking I rank you, start from the premise that your place in the world is of consequence most of all to Me of the Highest.

The world may have its cart before the horse.

I hold you dear. That’s My Story. Isn’t it laughable to think of Me as basing My Value on you by height, weight, color, posture, physical mass, sports ability etc. I don’t count anything.

I include all My Children, even the naughty, even the good, the poor, the gifted, the famous. I don’t even think in these terms. I see you, and I Love. I look at you, and I see the Glory of you that you may not as yet be acquainted with. You are a dear part of Me. No matter how far you have wandered from the Truth of Your Self, I see you. I see the Palm of Your Hand. I see your eyes. I see you. I see you from the Eyes of God.

I do not look upon you as your shaded past. Why would I spend so-called time on the past? I look upon you as I look upon the Veranda of a Palace. I see Truth, not error. I don’t have to look for Truth. I see with Eyes of Truth. This is how it is.

If you have crawled in mud, I see you as you Truly ARE. I don’t see all the costumes you may wear. What do disguises have to do with Me? Why would I see pretenders to the Throne when each of you is the Real Thing.

I don’t digress. You digress, not I.

I see what is. I hear what is. Come see with Me. I do not demand the perfection from you that you demand from yourself. If you see yourself as going off the Path, then get back on the Path. You may kick and scream, yet nothing will hold you back for long. It may seem long to you. The only always that exists is Infinity. All this diversion you experience in Life is along the way. All these fictionalized detours are superficial to Me. Beyond foolish acts –what could be more foolish than cruel acts? Where you are may lie a Prince who believes deeply in his own inability to be a Prince.

Nevertheless, a Prince is a Prince. I know you. I don’t just believe in you, I KNOW YOU. I know you like the Palm of My Hand. And do you know what the Palm of My Hand is? You are the Palm of My Hand.

There is a far Deeper You than you have any clue to.

Get over here, and I will sing Songs to you. You will begin to sing as I do sing from the Beat of My Heart.

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A Musical Family of Stars

You don’t even have to practice. It takes no practice to be connected with Me. You are already connected to Me. You don’t need physical therapy nor music lessons. You simply need to sing your note. Picture yourself keeping tune with Me. Picture how good it feels, how it lifts you to the stars, how comfortable you are hanging out in the stars who also sing the same note as you. You come from a musical family of stars. You might as well hold hands and sing together with them now.

Dear Adam - pleeze tell me

Dear Adam - pleeze tell me where you got this from. It really speaks to my heart.

Yes of course I will Shay.

Yes of course I will Shay. It is from Heavenletter #2112, A Musical Family of Stars. It was published the day before The Bakery of Heaven, which I provided a link for in the post below.

And here is an excerpt from another letter that I hope you will love as much as I do:

If there are long-kept secrets to Heaven, you will know them. There will be no secrets. You will abide in Heaven and take everyone with you.

The long past will disappear. Infinity and Eternity will be in your pocket, or you in theirs. Time and lapses will be forgotten. Truth alone will be known. Oneness will sing its song and do its dance. What can be unknown during Our opened-up love, Our love poured forth like music? Under such loveliness, what unloveliness can be imagined, let alone seen or even possible?

Love will be a continuous celebration. Life will be celebration. Love will be the Light of the World, and it will be on Earth as it is in Heaven.

One Love

Love is My gift to you. It comes in many forms, yet there is One Love, and it is perpetuated upon Earth. And it is yours free for the asking. It is yours free whether you ask for it or not.

What is baked in the oven of Heaven today? Love. Love alone. Love original. Love individually wrapped. Love like lemon drops. Love dropped from the sky. See it coming. It falls to you. Look up. Put your hands out and catch it. Catch it on your tongue like snow. Savor it.

See the difference your love makes when it is brought out into the light of day. It will turn night into day. Twenty-four hours of love every day. How natural. How Divine.


I AM a Being of Cause Alone, That Cause is Love, I AM a Sacred Tone.

pondering on self-love

From my God within:

'Blessings and love runneth over
from your golden cups. Allow all
to spill its sacred contents that
ye might be the salve and slake
another's thirst'.