What It Means to Serve

God said:

From what do you flee? Knowledge of yourself? Is that why you run around so much and involve yourself so much in others' lives? What are you afraid of finding out? Are you afraid to find out that you are a Holy Being established in Truth? Or that you are not the blessedness I attest that you are? What do you run away from?

You may complain about the rat race, yet you are not confined to it. When you run around so much, there is something you are running away from. When you are not at peace, you are fleeing something.

Responsibility is a good thing. When you are responsible, you can make a difference in your life. Of course, care for others. Of course, by the very nature of the Universe, you contribute to others. Yet it is not for you to interfere in others' lives and try to change them according to your concept of right and wrong. You are responsible for changing yourself, beloveds. Give to others, give to yourself, and do not try to fix others according to your standards. This can only be the end play of judgment. You are not here on Earth to deem your way the ultimate way.

Feed, nourish, yet do not take it upon yourself to improve others. You are not the corrector of the Universe. Improve yourself. Do not spend your life trying to bring others over to where you think they should be. Call no one infidel. You don't want anyone to tell you what to do and how to be. What makes you think that you are to do unto others what you do not want done to you?

Before you tell others how to take care of their horses, take care of your own.

It is not for you to tell others what to eat or how to dress. Maybe they don't like your customs either.

This is an important refrain I sing today, to mind your own business. I understand that you want to serve. If you were a waitress, you would bring the trays of food that were ordered. If you were a waitress, you would not serve others the food you think they are better off eating.

It has been said: You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink. That aphorism presupposes that you know better than the horse. Well, maybe the horse is not thirsty now. Maybe the horse prefers to graze right now.

Be careful about being sure what another should or should not do. Be careful about intruding into others' lives. You may be running away from your own.

I know you want to be a responsible person, and you want to serve others. Sometimes you serve best by serving silently with your love and blessings.

Be careful about thinking you know the answers. Be careful about thinking that you stand above someone else.

Sometimes you give the most by keeping silent.

Be good to all, and yet do not think you are meant to whip anyone's life into shape.

Keep your attention on the splinter in your own eye. You have enough to do.

Raise yourself higher. And when you do stand above, pull up those who raise their arms to you, asking that you pull them up. It is not help you give unless another asks for your help.

Do not flee your own life by attention on others' lives. Attend to yourself. Have the idea that others will attend to their own. Have the idea that I am taking care of all.

The Great Ones served. They did not come from the concept of rescue. Rescue presupposes a problem. With equanimity, the Great Ones served. And all who came to them were free to come and go as they chose.

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Have the idea that I am taking care of all

This is an important refrain I sing today, to mind your own business.

It really has to be important and it really is a refrain. I've read this so often even in the older Heavenletters, right from the start, I believe. Warding off intrusion is one of the big topics of my life, if not the topic. Whenever reading a Heavenletter like this one, I always catch myself wishing from the bottom of my heart that all the world were force-fed its wisdom. Talk about refraining from intrusion, ha ha.

What I'm still grappling with is what to do with thoughtless intrusion by people in your own house or in the immediate neighborhood, the usual daily inconsiderateness of invasion by penetrating noise and penetrating smells, among other things. How to deal with that without interfering with others' lives? I have tried so many things and nothing works, it's so frustrating. In the end, there is no escaping the fact that I am expecting and therefore attracting those things. So then the buck stops here, but the question remains: What to do? Probably the only answer is in the sentence I chose as subject line for this comment.

And again: What a deeply enlightening Letter!

Dear Jochen,

Dear Jochen,

I am a person who is pretty "personable" but there are times that due to being empathetic, I get overwhelmed by over stimulation. My husband and I share a small house. If the TV is on, it is heard all over. If one of us plays music we BOTH listen to the music. When I start too feel too much intrusion, I know what I need. I need a sacred, quiet, me time space even if just for an hour or so. I bought my husband headphones for the music, and I will share w/ him when I need my quiet time. We try to accomodate each other in this way especially when sharing such a small space together. Sometimes for my "me time" I lock myself in the bathroom w/ soothing music, a hot bubble bath, and cup of herbal tea. I know when I'm feeling the stress of too much intrusion, that I'm in a dangerous place within myself and I need to go and fill my own cup or there is nothing I have to give.

I know that I can be an intrusive person myself with friends, and those I love and care about. I tend toward "over" helping, and "over" advising. I never thought of this before as diverting attention away from my own issues, but I see clearly after reading this HeavenLetter that it is so. I sometimes feel triggered when seeing those I care about make mistakes that I made in the past. However, it is THEIR life, THEIR story, THEIR script! Who am I to think I know better FOR them? That really is absurd thinking on my part.

As far as feeling intruded upon by others and dealing w/ it w/o intruding upon them. Good question. When I lived in the city this was a terrible problem for me. Neighbors with children who make a lot of noise, neighbors fighting, loud loud loud music when I needed to work or study. My answer- I moved to the country and life has been so much more peaceful. Do you know what I hear in the morning aside from an occasional dog bark? I hear birds, I sometimes hear the train which I love, now and then I hear my neighbors children as they get ready for school in the morning but because it is not overwhelming, I can enjoy these temporary intrusions because I have so much quiet time.. to see the hummingbird visit it's feeder outside my window, and to hear nothing at all at times.

Our thoughts are powerful and creating our next precious moment

Two beautiful comments,

Two beautiful comments, DesertRose. I especially love the one below. I knew much of what you are stating here about yourself from the first posts you made. The other thing that became apparent right away was, Oh, here's someone again who truly wants to know her heart. So there is nothing to be concerned about. You are wonderful already. We are. Now let's be free.

Dear God, Sigh. I have

Dear God,

Sigh. I have always asked you for it blunt, and you surely do exceed my expectations with this one : ). I agree with all that you are saying to me here. You know how I tend to want to fix everything, rescue everyone, and yes, how sometimes I think I know better what one needs. I'm a backseat life driver, God! You are right God that it is a futile attempt to focus on another's life, mistakes, etc and not my own. Yes, somewhere in there is true desire to help and to help one avoid the same mistakes I've made along the way. However, did I listen to anyone's "heartfelt" advice? Did I want the advice when in that same spot? We both know the answer to that one God. The answer is no, I did not and in fact felt it an intrusion and that I wasn't understood. I like the way you mention about the waitress serving food that was ordered not the food she felt was best. I can learn from this today Lord, and yes, I know you were speaking to me. Thank you God helping me to realize I need to focus on my own life rather than divert my attention from my own issues under the auspice of "helping" others with their issues. Much Love,

Our thoughts are powerful and creating our next precious moment

Dear Child,

You heard me. Good! Learn and grow and blossom. That's why you are here. You chose this.



Dear God,

Thank you again. Sometimes it is difficult to hear the tough stuff, but I try to use my bravery and desire to look at myself truthfully. I can't say that I don't enjoy the illusions sometimes though, you know the ego defense mechanisms, but alas, I know I have to set them down, to move to a higher plane. Thanks for the chat today.

Much Love,

You have enough to do

"Sometimes you give the most by keeping silent...It is not help you give unless another asks for your help".
"Raise yourself higher".
What a mess with all our talking, and for what! Just delaying our arrival.


dearest Emilia,
what an awareness of growth!


Thank you, dear Theophil,

Thank you, dear Theophil, for your little knock on my shoulder.

You probably know, Emilia,

You probably know, Emilia, how deeply I agree with you here. Still, it says "sometimes". Could also be "usually", I guess. But you will agree that there are different kinds of talking. There is arguing, there is teaching, there is preaching, there is lording it over, there is showing off, there is know-it-all, there is convoluted, complicated or roundabout talking, and there is speaking straight from your heart. There are Heavenletters that leave no doubt that God appreciates the latter very much as a form of giving. I'm sure the world will see more of this kind of "talking" in the future, and this forum with you and me and all of us could be one of the laboratories where that kind of communication develops itself. (By the way, I love your energy when you get ticked off just a little...)

Dear Jochen, I love

Dear Jochen, I love communication, but not by words. I prefer music, a noble deed, figurative arts.
I hope this future world will not be too noisy with all of those people speaking straight from their hearts! I am already bothered by myself !
Loving your energy too, just the way you are...

noisy world

Ha ha ha, I agree again, cara. The good thing about speaking from your heart (let's distinguish this from spilling one's guts) is that it's naturally sparse. Ah, music! Ever heard the vast silence in Bruckner?

Dearest Emilia, I don't

Dearest Emilia,

I don't think I'm understanding you completely. I agree that sometimes keeping silent can be the best gift we can give a person. However, I think talking and hearing each other's hearts is important. I learn by what others speak. For example, HeavenLetters is God talking and listening and conversing for me spurs growth. The site with its many forums encourages talking. I love long conversations with my husband or ones that I can learn something from. I guess that it could be a personality thing. I'm a natural born talker and love good conversation. I need my quiet times too but I'm for talking, learning from each other, and it's my preferred communication style. I may have missed your point on this one and just not understood what you meant.

Our thoughts are powerful and creating our next precious moment

Dearest DesertRose, what a

Dearest DesertRose,
what a beautiful name you have. God's Word is not the same as men talking. We are lost people who often follow other lost people and we all keep turning around. Sometimes I like having a conversation, but I do not really think it has some further purpose than that of being a pastime. I think we learn from each other on a different level. Besides words are so tricky.

Dear Emilia, I understand

Dear Emilia,

I understand what you are sharing better. I tend to believe though that God talks through other people too since God lives within. I very much agree that we learn from each other on a different level and that level may not contain words. Thank you friend for clarifying more for me. I think I understand where you are coming from.

Our thoughts are powerful and creating our next precious moment

WOW! So profound! So true

WOW! So profound! So true & easily forgotten. Thank you Gloria!

It has been said: You can

It has been said: You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink. That aphorism presupposes that you know better than the horse. Well, maybe the horse is not thirsty now. Maybe the horse prefers to graze right now.

I'm still laughing as I type!

What It Means To Serve

I love these letters. It is really uncanny how the letters pertain to exactly what I am going through for that day!!! This one really hit home, and I will constantly try to remind myself to:
Mind My Own Business. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift. They uplift my day every day!!! Blessings, Shannon



Have the idea This is the

Have the idea

This is the concept. An idea is enough to change the world.

Love you all, the fantastic "new entry" too!!


Yes I agree. Better to do

Yes I agree. Better to do something with who and what you can do something with like you for instance. I can do something about me to relate better to the - purpose of my life. To Be me and Be Free to write my Truth, how I interpret what is coming to me in a wholly and holy way.

What thrills me most of all is to see all the connections, the vast connections of everything and everyone. It makes me overwhelmed, full of appreciation, gratefullness to see what is possible, when open to love and light and the consciousness that goes beyond the mind. There is vastness to our purposes in life, the recognition of who we are and the possibilities to manifest our wisdom through a physical expression of our choice, that corresponds with freedom and happiness. To find that happiness through which our source can freely express our true being, goes beyond thoughts and feelings. I cannot wait to express myself through writing even more, to see more connections and appreciations to the piece of art that the Universe is. Until then, which might be tomorrow, I will relax and be at peace with myself.

Appreciating all your wonderful comments full of heart and life`s wonder...something so honest and real coming from the heart smiling...

Love Hege

Indeed love

Dear Hege,

what you wrote has remembered me the movie "Indeed love" (this is the italian title, I don't remember the english one, it's not much known). At first it seems an usual movie, but it is so profound and amazing. It's like your comment: "Vast connections of everything and everyone"


It is not help you give

It is not help you give unless another asks for your help.

Like above so under (it's right in English?)
So, these words mean much more. They mean God do the same with us.

Be careful about thinking you know the answers.

Isn't that the most important reason for the tumults of the world?

Pitta, I agree with you


I agree with you about "isn't the reason for the tumults of the world?" We believe we know what others needs, what other countries need, and "should" do, and we assume. The Four Agreements mentions never to "assume" anything. Never assume what another needs or wants or what is best for them. We are all living our own story w/ our own perceptions which are truth for us at the time.

Anyway, I love talking to others and hearing their viewpoints. It's how I learn and grow. I think actually more talking and less assuming might be helpful.

Our thoughts are powerful and creating our next precious moment

The purpose of our words

Its funny, after reading all these posts in response to this letter, I have to agree with everything every one has said, even if the comments seem to contradict each other at times. Such insight and such loving dialogue everyone contributes! I probably have not much to add but I can’t help trying, call it the emotion of the moment :-)

Words are not just words. They carry their own unique energy, they carry our intent and they carry our emotion. So their value and impact depends a lot on our intent and the emotions and our own needs that are the deep level sponsors of our writing of our words.

Words can be offensive and destructive. They can be dishonest and misleading. They can be superficial and a waste of our time. They can be uplifting and life enhancing. The words on these forums are consistently the latter. Sometimes I’m sure it’s better if we are silent and sometimes love demands of us that we speak or write.

I think the final arbiter of all this is how the readers respond when they read the words, and this may be somewhat different for each of us.

Loving all your words…..Chuck

4 Heavenletter Haikus for

4 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said Beloveds
I Am taking care of all
With love and blessings

God said attend to
The splinter in your own eye
And mind your own life

God said that in Truth
You are a Holy Being
You are blessedness

God said to take care
And call no one infidel
Or try to change them

Love, Light and Aloha!