What Can Oneness Be Made Of?

God said:

Circumstances do not give you bliss. You are in a permanent state of bliss. It cannot be otherwise. Only the bliss that is already within you can be stirred. If it were not there, what would there be to be stirred? Bliss is not something added to you. You are already full. Momentarily you forget what you are made of. Perhaps you forget a lot. Perhaps you forget more than you remember.

Events seem to cause you unhappiness only because they take your awareness away from your natural state and put it on something else. Events do not change what you are made of. They distract you. Sometimes distraction has become a way of life for you. You forget what is inside and favor the outside. You forget the power of joy within. You forget truth and you become absorbed in the external. Anything but joy is not reality. Money is not reality. The physical is not. Encumbrances are not. Only joy is. Internal joy is eternal.

It has been said that your inner reality gets reflected in the circumstances of your life. This is true only when the external reflects your joy back to you. Otherwise, that is a false statement. Your inner reality is joy and nothing else. It is only mistaken identity that smudges your reflection in the mirror. Distortion of truth is distortion of truth. Distortion does not change reality. Untruth is not truth. Distortion is not truth. No matter how many may proclaim distortion as true, truth itself is undaunted. Belief or misbelief do not affect truth. That you have misconception means you have incorrect concepts. Your concepts or misconcepts affect your perception. They have blinded you. Your eyes affect what you see but not what there is to see.

The truth of you is inviolable. The bright light of you is inviolable. Nothing takes away from it. Nothing changes it. This is fact, beloveds. You cannot be warped. Only your vision can be. Your awareness can be turned off. Actually, your vision has been turned off for a long time. Your perception has been faulty. Now it is time to restore yourself to unmitigated vision. Take your blinders off.

A deep well of joy resides in you. You have grown up thinking that other things fill you. Indeed, other things preoccupy you, but they do not fill you. You are already full with bright light, bright love, bright joy, nothing else. This is an absolute. This is not true only sometimes. It is 100% true across the board. This is true of you no matter what you think. This is true of you no matter what someone else thinks. This is true of you regardless of anything.

Truth dawns but the sun was always out. You do not really shed light on yourself. The light was always there. You do not make the light real. It is already real with or without your agreement or disagreement. Your perception is your opinion. Your opinion changes how you see and what you see. Otherwise, your opinion is irrelevant. The sun is shining. Stars are out. You cannot blink them away. A cloudy lens does not change the shape of the sun nor the stars. Reality does not change, but your vision can. Your vision must. Your vision will. More light is becoming visible to you now.

You are meant to see. Even if you are the only one, beloved, claim full vision now. There is nothing but pure light in the universe, pure golden light. Light is the image of Me that you are made of. What else could Oneness be made of?

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How can it be that this

How can it be that this Heavenletter never had a comment! Not one in 9 years!

Feeling a little blue today, I did the Cosmic Generator, and, behold, this Heavenletter arose, and it is just what I needed to hear.

Amazing, isn't it?

I often ask myself the same question

Amazing indeed! I often ask myself the same question of so many wonderful Heavenletters the Cosmic Generator guides me to.

Thank you for sharing this amazing and wonderful Heavenletter with us Gloria! I very much hope you are feeling better today!!

Just thinking aloud here.. Why do we say blue means sad and green means sickly or jealous? These are my favorite colors! And apparently two of nature's favorites as well. :-)

Blessings, Love and Gratitude.

A little blue is okay!

A little blue is okay!

Adam, click on the right above that you like thisHeavenletter, okay!

Good to hear from you, Adam.