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Welcoming healing4innerpeace!

Thank you so much for coming here? How did you find us? Do I know you by your real name?

Please tell us more about you! A photo is most welcome as well. I noticed that you posted a graceful flying bird. That must be your spirit!

With love and blessings,


Divine love and blessings

Divine love and blessings from my soul essence and divinity with my spark of Source/ God within me to each of yours. It is through this divinity within each of us that we are all one. It is the illusion that we are separate from God/ Source. That divinity within is the key to our individual self empowerment.

Sharing the gift of healing unites our world.

Om Namah Sivaya...I salute the Divinity within you...many blessings

Peace, Divine Love and Joy t.

Marc H

Hello Marcus. Thank you for

Hello Marcus. Thank you for stopping in. Many blessings and much love. Jim(i)

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

Hello Marc, thank you for

Hello Marc,

thank you for coming and sharing ! God bless you and may you enjoy the overwhelming beauty and love of God's Heavenletters !

Love Light and Joy to you dear
Om Namah Sivaya