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Hello heaven

Hi :) were just guided to Heaven, from another wonderful place

Many Blessings to you all...

Yes, you are in Heaven,

Yes, you are in Heaven, Ninania! WELCOME!

Look around, be inspired, feel at home, make friends, receive and share and loved! :wub:

Receive a welcome HUG from,
Xenia :big

Dear Ninania, Heavenletters

Dear Ninania,

Heavenletters are simply wonderful, enjoy them !! A heartfelt welcome to you dear.


Thank you : ) yes this

Thank you : ) yes this seems to be a wonderful place, I just downloaded the heavens letter, I love to be here in heaven.

Many Loveblessings to you all

Hi Ninania ~ welcome to our

Hi Ninania ~ welcome to our Heavenly family!

Pull up a chair and sit beside the fire of Love that burns brightly here
It will warm your very heart and Soul!

Love & hugs



Thank you Mary : ), I truly

Thank you Mary : ), I truly will, I just recieved a loveletter to my mail and when I read the text from God, my heart become so embraced of love and during the readings my eyes where filled with tears of happiness and love, I'm so happy that I finally appeared here to Heaven, it really lights up my life,here and now.

Many blessings