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to God and all the Angels in Heaven

After a long journey it finally feels as if my feet are standing at the portals of the gates of Heaven.
With my heart as my compass, my mind many times led me astray, yet love was my fuel.
Revived, re-energized and filled with love I am ready to embark on my journey again. My journey in the light next to God…with God.
Thank you dearly for your letters from Heaven, which remind me of God’s presence in me.
My name is Denise, but I prefer Nomvula which is a Zulu name given to me by my friends. I am originally Afrikaans, yet born and bred in Wild Africa. I have a daughter called Kaya which is 10 months old now.
Our home is Amanzimtoti, Durban - in the majestic land of the Zulu people. With storms brewing in the afternoons and waves echoing in the background we feel safely nestled in the heart of our Great Mother Nature.
We live a natural life filled with organic magic. The Animals talk to us and the Wind whispers songs of peace. We are happy, healthy and finding love in our hearts for all sentient beings.
Our motto in life is: Live, Love, Grow to Shine eternally!
We were guided to Heaven by our friend and brother Santhan whom is a constant inspiration of love.
To God and all the Angels in Heaven – thank You for all the love, blessings and guidance!
Organic love
Nomvula and Kaya

Dear Nomvula, your words

Dear Nomvula, :wub:

your words saying hello are so deep and warm that I could not find what to say more. ;)


to you, oceans of LOVE.... :wub:

Engin from

Dear Engin Thank you for the

Dear Engin
Thank you for the oceans of love.
your message warms my heart.
wishing you a wonderful day filled with smiles and magic.
organic love

Oh what a most beautiful

Oh what a most beautiful introuction to yourself Nomvula!
Your words are filled with poetic beauty and great Love flows from your heart.
Welcome to our Heavenly oasis of Love and Light...

An Oasis of Light amidst all the dark
Where peace and harmony reign
Come rest in God’s garden where Love doth abound
And listen to Love’s sweet refrain

An Angel of Earth doth now greet you
Her companion Pure Holy White Dove
Drink from her chalice pure heavenly wine
That’s flowing with joy and great love

Bathe in her waters sacred and pure
Cleanse both your body and Soul
Caressing you gently releasing all fears
Your being she’ll help become whole

The sun’s golden light doth shine through the trees
Cascading its essence to earth
Breath in pure nectar of heavenly light
Your Spirit in Love will rebirth

The water is warm and inviting
The air is pure fresh and clean
The warmth of the sun invigorates you
And the earth in great beauty is seen

A feeling of peace and well-being
You'll feel as you rest for a while
Stay as long as you choose time exists not here
Just Love your Soul to beguile




Dear sweet mary your words

Dear sweet mary
your words are to me sweeter than sweet
my mind receives images of a paradise called Heaven
I linger in my mind as I perceive that which I always dreamed it would be
O, I thank thee
for making me see
love,... light
Heavenly delight
your words were filled with beauty, warmth and kindness
I am sure that it could have only come from an Angel
Keep Shining dear one
organic love

A few words. Yet such

A few words.
Yet such vastness.
What a beautiful world.
What beautiful people.

Dear Jochen your few words

Dear Jochen
your few words might be few
but the feeling behind is much
keep shining!
organic love

WELCOME Normvula together

WELCOME Normvula together with Kaya , you beautiful souls!

(((((((Hugging you and holding you tight))))))),

Dear Xenia Thank you for the

Dear Xenia
Thank you for the lovely hug!
Kaya and I are sending you lots of smiles, laughter and a giggle or two.
keep shining!
organic love
nomvula and kaya

Dearest Nomvula, you are a

Dearest Nomvula,

you are a most wonderful and sweet Angel of God. What a wonderful life you live, tightly connected to the Love that is our very Source of Life.

To you most gentle Nomvula and you sweet Angel Kaya all my infinite Love and Joy and Blessings.

Dear Berit thank you kindly

Dear Berit
thank you kindly for your warm welcome
my heart feels warm as i am embraced by all God's Angels
it really feels as if I am home at last
lots of organic love and smiles
nomvula and kaya