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Tsunami Wave of Love

Thank you so much for this incredible gift! I noticed the link in the

Daily inspirational email I receive from Neale Donald Walsch, whom I met last

February. It took me to a site of such generosity, such brilliance, and

such comfort that I wept.

Days ago I dreamt of a Tsunami wave on the beach, large, looming, dark, bulging with potential,

and it swept through the room where my daughter Katy and I stood, waiting for the right moment

to open the door and let it flood through. And then, of course, it was too late to open the door, but

the water, mercifully only rose to half the height of the room.

And then, as I read your letter from the cosmic generator, I read

of a Tsunami wave of love. At two in the morning, struggling to sleep, I


"At night I tuck you in, and in the morning I awaken you." I wept,

huge, heaving sobs of relief. I have been alone for far too long, waiting

to once again really hear the Voice of God, which I felt had disappeared

from my life. I am not alone, and in fact, your lovingly written words

have opened the door to a Tsunami wave of Love that will sweep the world.

Thank you so much for this beautiful service. I will be your thirty third

subscriber this year, I predict. And I will send this lovely letter to

everyone I know. Bless you. You are well named.

By the way, your account of seeing Jesus comes close to mine. I love the way

you hid it behind layers so only those who really want to know, will follow the golden thread to

The Truth. I love you. And i am deeply grateful to you for being such a clear

instrument for Grace. I was in despair of ever finding the Beloved again. I

had experienced a rejection from one who purported to be the Beloved, and

I read the letter about saying goodbye. It was perfect. Divine coincidence?

I think there is no such thing. We are all connected by the living sea of

energy, the quantum field of intention, and every prayer is already

answered. So that is what you are, the answer to my prayers for guidance,

connection, community.

Thank you again, and bless you for being a part of this great awakening.


Hi Shelora...welcome to the

Hi Shelora...welcome to the Heaven Letters web site. It is a great way to stay connected to the Divine within. May you find your be a living altar...filling and flowing with love. Love and blessings always. Jimi

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

Hi Shelora ~ heartfelt

Hi Shelora ~ heartfelt greetings to you!

What a beautiful entry you have made into our Heavenly family!

...and another golden thread is woven!




Dearest Shelora, my most

Dearest Shelora,

my most heartfelt welcome to you dear. I thank you for sharing your divine experience with us. Heavenletters and this Heavensite and all readers are wonderful souls and it is a wonderful place where we can express our hearts and our love for God and His creation and all that is life freely following our hearts.
Thank you for joining - enjoy God's Love Letters !

Love and blessings to you dear

Welcome to Heavenletters

Welcome to Heavenletters Shelora,

May you be ever closer to God's heart until both hearts become One. Yet, they already are. You will just remember.

Much love and hugs,


Dear Shelora, When I clicked

Dear Shelora,

When I clicked your profile just now it said that you have been a member for less than sixteen hours! Welcome to this most wonderful site and forum. Your first post clearly shows that this is the place for you to be. And clearly you are what God called "ripe" in his breathtaking Heavenletter #2582, "The Lock and the Key", of December 20, 2007. Your experience seems so typical. When your longing has become strong enough to finally find Heavenletters, you only need a few of God's words to start to weep in sheer relief.

So good to have you here,

Jochen dear, you have

Jochen dear, you have expressed it so very well !