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Hi there !

I happened to read about Heavenletters on another forum which is the Crimson Circle Message Board.

Then I read a few of them and felt so much related to their content that I wanted to learn more, so... here I am !

As an example, yesterday afternoon I saw a very bright rainbow. Hadn't seen such a colorful one for quite some time. Then I went home and, the heavenletter of the day was titled... See the Rainbow ! Amazing synchronicity... And there's been a few others since I discovered heavenletters.

What else could I add as an introduction ?... Oh, yes ! I'm a 32 years old french man and I live in France, with my beloved half, in a village that is about 60 kilometers north to Bordeaux.

You are most welcome

You are most welcome CC




Thank you Mary. Nice to meet

Thank you Mary.

Nice to meet you. :)

Dear CC Mountain,you are so

Dear CC Mountain,you are so welcome!
I was off the forum for quite some time due to personal matters and the first thing that I noticed now that I came back were your exquisite translations in french!!! I'm so thrilled to see the Heavenletters translated into your beautiful language! With your help, a great translation gap is filled. You,man are the answer to my asking a few months ago. May you be in love and light and translate whenever you feel like to! Every single phrase that you've already translated in french is a big treat for all of us. Thank you....You are a god-sent angel!

Maria from Greece (Greek translator-not so frequent though!)