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The Value of Others

The Value of Others

God Said:

I have spoken before of the value of others in your life. Your mother, your father, your brothers or sisters. We have not discussed at length in the value of others in your life. Before you came to this earth you and your karmic group (family, friends, and others) along with the aid of your guides and Source-God plotted out a map of where you wanted to go and be in this earthly lifetime. You spent much time and consideration on this matter. Even though there is no time in the eternal, if you were to equate it in your time frame it could be centuries of planning your next visit and incarnation to this planet or other planets that are not known to you consciously.

You reviewed your past lives and said with enthusiasm… “This is who I want to be, and these are the lessons I want to encounter in my earthly experience and incarnation”. You conferred with your spiritual elders, guides, and your karmic group who were to all help you with this mission. Source, God, gave you its blessings and all of heaven rejoiced with great joy at the advent of your appearance, or reappearance onto this planet. You chose your earthly parents, and they chose you, because you knew they would help you with your mission, and in turn you would help them. They vowed to help you find it even though it did not turn out the way you envisioned it when you got here.

Others also appeared to help you in the mission of your soul. Brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. These too, accepted their own purposes and missions, and vowed to help you with yours too. Many others were brought into the mix too. Sometimes your parents did not get along. Even though they had a spiritual contract to come into each others life, the contract was only to help them get to the next step in life. One or the other departed and found new loves, or they decided never to remarry again. This event, many times left the biological children bereft of either a father or a mother. This caused great pain in the spouse that remained and the children.

It is difficult for one spouse to take the role of both parents. Parents who are of the same sex balance the family. Children need the caring love of a mother and the firm love of a father to help balance them. When this is not there, a seeming imbalance occurs in the family. I say, seeming, because it seems and is perceived as a hole that cannot be filled since there is not another mate to fulfill this role. However, Spirit, has a divine way of balancing everything that seems imbalanced. Others come into your life to fulfill the seeming loss of a parent, brother or sister in your life. This, they do because they have a contract with you to fulfill this role.

Others, appears “out of the blue” as you would say, and they become the parents, brothers, sisters, and spouses you never seemed to have. You feel it in them. You are drawn to them, and they to you. You look at them and even though you don’t recognize them by face, you know that you have a deeper connection, something divine that integrally intertwines you. These others become friends or acquaintances that keep you balanced and in line with your ultimate souls purpose and design. Many which come into your lives. also seemingly, hurt and harm you.

This is the part your human mind cannot wrap around or comprehend. In your perfect world of illusion, you think that your life should turn out this way. After all, you envisioned it this way, why is it turning out differently than what I imagined, you say?
You think in linear terms, and logical terms, but Spirit does not work in this realm alone. Have you figured it out yet, Spirit seems to work counter to the ego-mind of man? Your mind thinks in linear-human terms. My mind thinks infinitely and is light years ahead of your brain. Just when you think you have figured me out, I move. Is God a trickster, you say? No, the divine does not have one trick up its sleeve. Tricking is not in my vocabulary and is not how I work with you on this earth. Humans will trick and play games with you, but I never play games with you. I AM what I say, and say, what I AM.

These hurts, sorrows, and seeming losses that you experience in life come in all different ways and manners, shapes and forms. Sometimes they come from the ones you love the most. Your parents, your brothers and sister, relatives and friends. These woundings are the hardest for you to overcome and transcend, however, these woundings are what brings you the greatest gifts of Spirit and a greater understanding of why you came to this planet and your purposes and mission for being here. Humans see this differently of course. They see it in many ways because they are seeing on the linear plane and in a logical way.

Spirit does not work in logical, linear ways. My ways are more advanced and have to do with the advancement of your soul. You see, I want you to know by experience not only who I am, but, who I am not. This is the reason for much of your pain and contrast in life. If you always had the sunshine, you would never appreciate it fully without some clouds and rain in your life. This sounds irritating to you, but at your deepest level you know this is true . Yes, these others that caused you pain, sorrow and remorse are your greatest teachers to bring you to this enlightenment.

Even, seeming strangers that come into your life for but a brief moment have a divine purpose and bring gifts to you. Look for them, recognize them when they come into your life for this brief time and bless them for bringing you these gifts. Again, the gifts that come to you are not always packaged as gifts. Have you noticed that the gifts of the divine are disguised many times and hard for you to comprehend? So, do not discount anyone that appears in your reality at any time. They are all there for divine purpose. You will notice that in your existence here on earth you have wounded and hurt the ones you most deeply loved too. This is part of the balance I was speaking of. So, many of you focus and concentrate on the woundings you have received in life, and you have quickly forgotten the woundings you have brought as gifts to others lives.

Focus for a minute, even though it might cause tears to your eyes, all the times you have perpetrated hurt on others that you said you loved. How quickly you forget of the times when you were insensitive, or unloving, or reckless in your relationships. Are you blind to these events? Do you not see that although you have been wounded, that you were also the hunter and wounded others too? Do you not see that you wreaked havoc and turned others lives upside down with your ego-maniacal activities and behavior? Yes, this is why Jesus said when you pray, to forgive those who have trespassed against you, and to forgive yourself for trespassing against them. God, does not need to forgive anyone, you are in the state of innocence always with the divine. You have no need of forgiveness. Does this mean you are perfect in your behavior? Far from it, because until you wake up from ego, you seem trapped to repeat offense after offense. Once, you fully realize who you are…divinity in a body…you will stop the ego stuff. And this, my child is where the divine wishes you would all go. You are not who you think you are, or what you have been told you are. You are divine spirit in a natural body. Why? Because you wanted this. How could you learn mercy and love without others challenging this in your life? Do you think you are where you are because of you alone? No, my child. You cannot do it alone, and that is why others are there to help you, to help balance you. You, left to yourselves, would only be able to accomplish a small amount that is necessary to your soul’s growth and expansion.

With others, who are there to balance and teach you, you then can start the ascension process. It is impossible to get where you want without the help of others my child. You wanted it this way, and you have gotten what you wanted. Don’t overlook this my loving child…the ones who have deeply hurt you and you hated, could be your greatest gifts to take you to this ascension process. Can you forgive them? Can you love them? Can they forgive you and love you for what you have done to them? Yes, in the final analysis, and you transition, you will rejoice to know that this was the divine plan, and oh, what a plan it was my child. It was the plan you desired for your souls growth.

No, it does not coincide with what you have been taught. Listen to your inward voice, the voice of spirit and of your eternal soul. Make peace with yourself and know that I am God and I do not make any mistakes. You are not a mistake my beloved, and neither are all the others around you. Be blessed and know that all is for divine purpose. Even those things that you detest and abhor are playing in your game of life to bring you up to who you are. Don’t ever forget this beloved. It is truth.

With much love and gratitude for you my beloveds,



Submitted by: D. Scott Arant

So true and beautifully

So true and beautifully expressed and what a good complement to today's "In the Guise of Human Being" Heavenletter # 2507!


Thank you sweet Xenia, you

Thank you sweet Xenia, you are very gracious in your comments.

These things coming to me by the divine are overwhelming to me. I can't explain them, but I feel God writing in and through me to express to the world who he/she really is.

Blessings and Love,