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Peace Poems from 2 young people in Nepal

These two teen-age boys were unable to open up Heaven's web site, so I am posting for them.
You may remember C. M. Yogi who does so much for the children in Nepal. He feeds and educates the street children, and more. I will ask tech angels to see what they can do to view the site so they can read your responses and comment as well. Nepal does not always have peace.


Shishir Shrestha
Siddhartha Vidyapeeth
Class: 9
Age: 15

People says peace has come,
But where’s the peace?
People says happiness will rule
But everyone is being ruled!

In lack of peace there is no silence,
So peace is over ruled by violence.
Everyone wants to be peaceful
But the environment is awful.

Let us feel the peace
By throwing our heart best
So let’s make the environment harmonious
By welcoming the coming peace with gracious

So peace! Peace! Peace!
Come in everyone’s heart
And win over violence
And bring in the silence.


Bishal Baniya
Hindu Vidyapeeth – Nepal
Class: 8
Age: 14

Peace is the situation
Of freedom
No war or disturbance
No greed
No masquerade
No selfishness
And lots of peace-touched souls.

Nothing is stronger than the force of peace
Because enlightenment can only be done by it
It is not necessary open your physical eyes
Just open the eyes of your heart, soul and your thinking.

Thank you Shishir and

Thank you Shishir and Bishal...Thank you both for sharing these words...words that come straight from your hearts. May you continue to be blessed with the gift of writing...and the most noble gift of all...a loving heart to call your own...and yet share with your family and friends...and the world. Peace always, Jim from Sedona, Arizona, USA.

Dearest Shishir and

Dearest Shishir and Bishal,

thank you with all my heart for your beautiful poems. May all those who surround you be uplifted and inspired by your pure hearts and thoughts. You are God's blessing to all of us!

May God protect and guide you and shower all His inifinite Love and Grace each moment on both of you !


Dearest Shishir and

Dearest Shishir and Bishal,
when there are young people like you, who hold peace and love in their hearts, we can be sure that peace will reign on earth. Like God says in one of His Letters: It won't be long now.

Safe in My arms you're only dreaming. -
Al sicuro tra le Mie braccia state solo sognando.
Love is the Answer.-Amore è la Risposta

O Shishir and

O Shishir and Bishal....Thank you for your love...For sharing of your within that the world may be more peaceful in it's without...that peace may be seen as more viable instead of the tightly held fear that holds each of us "liable" for the excuse to attack and, in your pure truth, are the starting points that point to a better direction, a more holy reflection...a better way that suits...the love that we all Have and Greatness love and appreciation..michael:)

Most dear Shishir and

Most dear Shishir and Bishal,

Both of your hearts speak of such truth!
Thank you so much for inspiring us with your messages and if each one of us 'feels' the peace as you say, and IS the peace,......then, harmony will be the norm. I strongly believe in that!

Love, Light and Peace to you and yours,

This is really from C.M.

This is really from C.M. Yogi in Nepal who cannot view our website and forum. I had copied/pasted all your magnificent comments for him.

Dear Gloria ji

Thanks a lot for your email and we are all deeply moved by the comments of our good friends;actually people who have feeling of Heaven they create Heaven everywhere. thanks

The children were extremely happy by reading all the comments about their poems, it was truly a blessing for them, the children need care, guidance, training and opportunity at right time. so it happened through you so beautifully....., we deeply appreciate it.

Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to all teh people who blessed the children . And pls keep on encouraging us as we are here to serve together and share the infinite beauty of the earth.

Namaste to all of your friends & family members . pls take care of yourself.

CM Yogi

> Dr.C.M.Yogi
> Principal - Hindu VidyaPeeth-Nepal
> Founder - Shanti Sewa Ashram
> Patron - Youth Society for Peace
> Founder - Society for Value Education
> Chief Coordinator- Inter Faith Council-Nepal
> Po.Box: 6807, Kathmandu, Nepal, Ph. 00977- 1- 5527924 /5 >

Another Response from C. M.

Another Response from C. M. Yogi

Dear Gloria ji

Thank you so much for your good email. you are always helping us by spreading our news and views... the students are happy as they got the print out of comments of our Heavenly friends, thanks.

It's SO good to know that many good activities are going on so beautifully and positively... especially the news of recognizing the Gandhi Jayanti by UN as Int. Day of Non-Violence is a great encouragement for all the seekers of peace, servers of humanity and practitioners of Spirituality...

Te political stability of Nepal is still very uncertain... the Constituent Assembly election is again postponed, a terrible loss... actually the leaders fight for their party only and forget the nation and the welfare of the common people.

Well, rest is fine here, we will have a biggest and longest festival Dashain after a week, so we all will go to our villages to celebrate it with our family members and have a good time for rest -- inner rest and outer rest...

Namaste to all of our good friends who serve to make the earth as Heaven. pls keep in touch.

CM Yogi