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Your Truth, My Truth

Your Truth, My Truth

God Said:

Scott, thank you for asking me about the difference between what is conceived as your truth as you perceive it, and my truth. There is, of course, a vast difference at times between what you perceive as the truth and what I know is the truth. Your perception of truth is oftentimes filtered through your own experiences and what you have been told is the truth. Some of it is indeed accurate, and some of it, is not. In fact, most of what you have been told is inaccurate, as you have been finding out this last year and a half.

So, many of my children have this thought that if they don’t have the exact truth of me and who I am, that I will condemn them to some eternal punishment and banish them from me. This is a misconception of God, due to what others have told them about me, and how I work. They have quoted chapter and verse of holy books that have been passed on for many generations. They think all the truth is hidden in just a few books and not in the present reality of who I am today.

Others, as a whole, mean well and want from the deepest recesses of their hearts to do the “right” thing. They are hung up on the idea that if they are not correct about me, that I will not be happy with them. I am happy with you all just the way you are. You do not have to understand the mysteries of the universe to please me. This goes back to the teaching that I am conditional. I am not conditional; I am unconditional in my love for all. There is nothing anyone has to “do” to please me. I am not like your earthly parents who required this or that of you. I require nothing of you.

I want you to know me more intimately because that is the reason I created you. I want us to be the closest friends that you have ever had. This crosses the grain of the religiously inclined. They think I am so holy that I cannot be reached by you. That I am above you somehow. No, this is erroneous and gross error. Yes, I did create you. Beautifully and complete did I create you…magnificently created, like unto me. You are beautiful to me all the time. When you look at a flower that is different from another flower, are they both not beautiful in their own right? Why would you look at one and say, I love you, but I do not love you. They are both beautiful in their own uniqueness, just like you are to me.

You are all individual expressions of the divine, and indeed beautiful to me. You have a unique expression to give to humanity that no one else can provide…only you can express it. Does that not give you freedom to express your own uniqueness? I did not create you to be like anyone else, just the expression of you, and who you really are.

So, what is the difference between your truths, as perceived, and mine? Sometimes it is accurate, and sometimes, it is not. Again, you are hung up on the idea that I require you to know the truth as I do. Truth to you is only a perception, and changes with time and experience. Think back for a minute of your first conscious thoughts of me, the divine; God as you call me. Were they not sweet, just the fact that you realized there was a force out there bigger and grander than you? As you looked out at the stars, and the clouds in the sky, was there not something within you that said you are an eternal being? That God really is big? That there was something out there bigger than you? Have not your thoughts of me changed since this initial experience? The human mind wants to understand God, and I am all for this. The problem is…all you have been taught by others, is from their belief system passed on to them from their parents, guardians, society, and church. Have you ever thought that they, meaning all of the ones you have learned about me, might not be accurate or just plain inaccurate and false?

I can already feel the ones wanting to know the “truth” so bad cringing at this statement. What if I told you all that you have it all wrong when it comes to me and my relationship with you? You would feel very insecure. But, I do not want you to be insecure about my feelings about you…my love for you. It is NON-CONDITIONAL. All ideas about God being conditional with you need to be replaced with this one thought. My love is as deep as the oceans and as clear as the ocean breezes for you. I love you, when you do not love me. I always love you, and never will reject you. You will know this one day. And, it is my hope you will realize it now and accept it as THE TRUTH. Anyone else, who is telling you differently, run from them and escape. They are telling you something false about me. I am not who you think I am. I have been trying to tell you this over and over again. MY LOVE FOR YOU IS WITHOUT ANY CONDITIONS…IT IS, AND ALWAYS WILL BE, TIME AND ETERNITY, MY CHILD, WITHOUT CONDITIONS! If you believe nothing else, my precious children, believe this!

It is not accurate for man in the human state to say that he has the absolute truth about me. Anyone, who tells you this, is living in fantasy. You cannot, and will not ever know all about me in totality. It is not possible. You will know more and more about me as you cultivate this relationship with me now. Your truth about me will gently change over time. What you think of today as truth, will change and unfold more over time. Some of you think that when you transition and “go to heaven” as you say, that then, you will understand all and know as I know. Even, then, you will not know the totality of what I know, and who I am. This will unravel and be revealed over time and eternity as well.

Are you getting the picture now, my precious child…that it is impossible to grasp all the truth about me? I do not require, and have I ever required of you that you know all the truth about me and understand all the mysteries of God? This is indeed impossible. It is much simpler, my child... Just know that I love you and that is all you really have to know about me. Just know that I love you unconditionally and there is nothing you have to do to please me. I am pleased with you. I created you, and I don’t make any mistakes!

Your lover and friend,

Submitted by: D. Scott Arant