Unlimited Heart and Mind

God said:

Perhaps you have built a cocoon around your heart and your life. Perhaps you have drawn a circle that keeps you in and life out. Perhaps you feel sheltered in this circle. Truly, widen your circle. Be sheltered in My arms. Remove protecting circles. They are made of gossamer threads anyway. Besides, the concept of in or out is illusion. What it comes down to is that no place is safe, or everywhere is safe. Which is it? Which would you have?

Safety is not even a question except in physical terms. Even emotional is physical, you understand. You are a tall-standing soul. You are not really part of a boxing match. There is no count of ten.

There are no ten yards on the football field. There are only touchdowns. Wherever you are or seem to be, you have alit there, yet you have alit only on a passage of imaginary well-defined time apportioned in imaginary space.

Seek less to be grounded. Seek to fly. It is no accident that everyone wants to fly. You are meant to be winged. So long as your body is stuck to the ground, well, then, you might as well let your heart fly. Let it fly high. Let it carry you to new territory. Let your heart take you out of bounds, out of boundaries, out of an imaginary circle. Even the widest circle has limits. And you are an infinite being, without limitation and not to be limited.

To put it another way, just about everyone has limits, and they are of his own making. Any limits are of your own making. The physical is not to limit you. If you are in a 4x4 room, you have an unlimited heart and mind. Take flight.

Taking flight is not fleeing. It is going somewhere. It is rising.

Even in isolation, you can take wing. Please do not be limited by psychology. Do not invent limits and give them names and respect them so much. Break out.

You are a traveler. You have an unlimited pass. You can go anywhere. You can travel the galaxies. You can alight on stars. You can seek the fairy kingdom and the inner earth. There is no place you cannot be, even when place does not really exist.

And so I tell you that all is fiction based on fact. All creation is well-founded illusion, and yet it is fact, and, yet, there is only One Truth. It is possible to count infinitely, and, yet, what is being counted and who is doing the counting and why?

You are streaming through life that is all new and fresh and never occurred before, although it has been around and crossed the same nonexistent lines many times before, if time actually existed to count life in, that is. Where would you put the tallies? What you write down fades the second it is written.

All in the world is illusion, and yet the illusion is delicious. You covet it. Even as you despair, you covet it. You hold on to life, even though life cannot really be held onto. At the same time, it can't be taken away from you. Eternity is not a sometime thing. And you are always. You will always exist, and you always have. And yet you will let go of this identity you wrap around yourself. You will really know Who You are.

Oh, yes, life is quite a contradiction, so it seems. It is a contradiction of terms. In Reality, there is nothing to contradict, and no one to contradict it. In Reality, there is Oneness. And what a Oneness that is. There is nothing like it.

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Your words are like a lullaby to me.It takes me to to my dreamworld of unconditional Love and Surrender.

thank you everyone :)

Unlimited Heart and Mind

It is SO EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to comment on this letter, GLORIOUS MAESTRO! We do love Life
and we want so much to hold onto it, which You remind us of here. But LIFE CANNOT
BE HELD ONTO! And yet life can NOT be taken away from us, which you in Great
Love, also remind us of here, also. The Oneness You Wondrously Speak of our Very
Souls understand. But the world interferes. Why did we want to leave Heaven to
experience illusion? That is why all that You tell us is such a mystery and so
extremely difficult to understand.


im apprecet your words,
and i try to understan evry worsd you
writteng to as but this you writteng
realy i dont understan,
but apprecet my life you give to me
and your love and energy,

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said Who You are
You are infinite Being
Streaming through life now

God said yet it is
That you will always exist
And you always have

Love, Light and Aloha!