From Great Peace, Great Trees Grow

God said:

Of course you have a role to play in world peace. Heavenletters, among other things, soothe your individual hearts. And your hearts soothed are soothing balms to the world. You don't have to know your role in world peace, you understand. Peace isn't about what you know or how much. The more of your true self that you resonate with, the more you contribute to peace everywhere.

What is good for you to know is that peace is good. Not everyone recognizes this or to a great extent. There must be those who feel that confrontation is excitement, and excitement is better than peace, or there would be no war. There must be those who believe in stimulation more than they believe in breathing in peace.

Some may see peace as a static state, humdrum really. Of course, they are mistaken.

There is great enlivenment in peace. From great peace, great trees grow.

No one would believe that the rumblings and turning up of the earth of an earthquake is better than still ground, and yet there are those who favor an earthquake of dispute. Perhaps if it were deliberately possible for people to push a button to cause an earthquake, they might just for the news of it.

Beloveds, there is no war without your participation, and there is peace as you favor it.

Peace is a fertile field. War is a field filled with mines. Peace is stable. War blows up at every turn.

Beloveds, let peace dwell in your heart. Let go of whatever foments in your heart, for you are to bring a little peace to the world. You may say you love humanity, and you love the world, and yet you harbor enmity in your own heart and perhaps even for someone close to you in your family.

Your life is not just about you and your family, and yet you are a steering mechanism for the world. You have an influence on the direction in which the world will go. Rid your heart of negativity, and the peace remaining becomes the aftermath of war.

Do not say: How can this or that country dare to be so rude, so touchy, so belligerent, so foolish as to tangle with your country? If no one felt defensive, there would be no offense. Give every country their due in your heart. Give it to them. All countries need blessings from you. Bless your own country, and bless the country that has taken or given offense. Bless them all.

Remove the splinter from your own eye, beloveds. Quell the war in your heart. Be simple, and end war. Take care of your own heart. Cast no stones. Be the creator of peace. The buck stops with you.

When you have anger in your heart toward anyone, including yourself, get rid of that anger. Open the door of your heart so anger and sense of right to retaliation can leave without further ado, and the grace of peace can enter. Make room for peace. Empty your heart of whatever is not peace, and there will be love filling your heart. Peace accompanies love. Peace does not stir up your heart. Peace gives your heart relief. The love in your heart is like cooling coconut milk. The lining of your heart becomes peace.

This does not mean that your heart has to be still. Your heart can be loud with laughter. Your heart can jump for joy. Your heart-waves are no longer chaotic, that is all. And yet there is no defined orderly marching band in your heart. There is no stomping, and there are no parades. In peace, your heart becomes free, and it dances as it has never danced before. Hurray for your heart of peace.

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my firing angel

"When you have anger in your heart toward anyone, including yourself, get rid of that anger". I would rather prefer to get rid of someone! Really Father, this is beyond my possibilities. My angel must not be so sweet.


dear God,
all your worsd it maen very much for me,
i am realize for few weks a go my heart
telling me is not only my famely and also
de have to do other derfor im begein to
share theme of peace of my heart
thank God your beauteful words

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said Beloveds
In peace your heart becomes free
And there will be love

God said bless them all
Be the creator of peace
And the grace of peace

Love, Light and Aloha!