Listen to the Flowers

God said:

Just as there is no time, there is no slow or fast. This is how you can know your growth is wonderful. There really aren't measurements. When you are dissatisfied with yourself, you are measuring the Immeasurable.

Does a tree grow slowly and a flower fast? Not by their own determination. Are they not growing exactly as they were meant to, and therefore exactly right? What tree or what flower is impatient with itself? Which one finds himself unfavored?

It takes the human mind to think up such thoughts.

Foliage is happy as it is. It doesn't mourn in winter. It delights all year round, glad to just be. Growing things do not even think in terms of cold or hot. To growing things, what is is and requires no further qualification.

Growing things do not question. It is not even that they accept because to accept would assume the ability to refuse. What would the petunias in your window box refuse?

We could say that flowers are satisfied as they are, yet how does satisfaction exist when dissatisfaction does not?

Wherever your flowers grow, whatever view they have, whatever view they look upon, they are happy. They do not judge. They do not covet. It is more like they blush and say:

"God, thanks. Thanks for the beautiful sun, and thanks for the beautiful rain. Thanks for all that is. I drink from Your hand. I am imbued with You. I know I sprouted from Your heart. When my leaves and blossoms fall, still I come from Your heart. I am of Your heart. You created me, and You created me beautiful. I turn this way and that so that all may see the beauty of what You made, and yet I face You always. I never turn away from You. Your light shines on me. Your beauty shines on me, and so I reflect the beauty of the One Who created me. I live in Your light, and Your light is what I see. There is nothing else I could possibly see. There is nowhere else I could stand but in You. And there is nothing else I can reveal but the beauty of You."

Listen to the flowers, beloveds.

I have extolled growing things, and you, beloved, are a growing thing. Your pace is right. Now let your step be firm. You are growing just fine. You are growing just right. You are growing to Me. You have never done anything else. And now be aware of the light you shine, and that you shine for Me.

Whom else really do you want to see you? Oh, yes, the throngs, yet what matter the throngs when I am strong and content within you? Whatever you perceive that the world thinks of you, you have My adulation. You have Me in your pocket. You have My love in your purse. You have Me. I am your backbone. Nothing else is. No one else is.

What would you fear when you have Me nearer than near? What would you doubt when you have Me within? What would make you falter when I find you faultless?

If you cannot believe in Me and My love 100%, then believe in Me 10%. Believe in Me 1%. And if you cannot believe in Me at all, it doesn't matter because I believe in you. I believe in you enough for the both of Us, for I know Our Oneness. I know it as well as I know the back of My hand. I know what I see when I see you. I see My light. It is there for all to see. May you see first, and then all else will fall into place. You are more than the mirror of My light. Mirrors can break into pieces, but not My light. My light cannot, and, therefore, you cannot. Never ever can you be fractured or unrecognizable. Only in your perception, can you, and now your perception is changing right before your eyes.

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YES! YES! YES! In Oneness , wholeness n completeness ,Hand in hand dancing Together in Thy Light , Celebrating , creating n Expressing !

This was so comforting to

This was so comforting to me. I think in our desire to evolve, in all ways, we can fall into the trap of feeling like we are not making enough progress. This was a good reminder to love ourselves uncondtionally, just as our Creator does. I am grateful for his letters, and his constant companionship. With love, Sumi

Listen to the Flowers

I understand now - how simply we can just be like the flowers, which are always grateful
that you made them so extraordinarily beautiful! And they say, "my beauty comes from
YOUR BEAUTY! Thanks, God!

I love Your suggesting that we believe in THEE even 10% or 1%. That 1% can make
all the diffeence. Your Light is always there for all to see, and your LIGHT IS MORE THAN
ENOUGH FOR THE BOTH OF US. And to have YOUR adulation in any moment
is all we need. We don't need the adulation of the throngs.

Very beautiful message today! Nothing new!! They always are, even if I don't understand

we are onenes

daer Gd,
am always biliveng you
morethan words,
nice to know your loveng words
to tel as how much you care of as
and love , and we are onenes,,,

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said Our Oneness
It is there for all to see
There is nothing else

Love, Light and Aloha!