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Under the Umbrella of Godìs Love

God to Berit:

My beloved Child, My bevoled, I AM. I am beyond all that you see, beyond all.
Let’s talk about bodies, hm?

Berit to God:

Beloved Father, dearest love of my life, I thought I should stop by anyway at the cat that was at the side of the road, although you told me all was fine and to go on. I thought my ego was butting in, that I was avoiding a duty, that I was unwilling to leave my comfort zone.

God to Berit:

I know sweetheart, I know. I know you heard Me. All is fine anyway. So you stopped by, went there and saw. It was not a such “good” moment for you to see that, the soul of that expression of life you call cat is with Me, has merged and melted back to Me. All is fine. You tears also are fine, they were just there under the surface and this incident was a way to release some things. The image of what you saw is still with you though, I know. You can give it to Me now.

Bodies are like cars, My beloved, bodies are vehicles that you use to go from A to B, that you use to live a life. When the purpose is over, the body is not any more necessary. All is fine. You make a mess about this because you do not see the picture I see and so you think something went wrong. Nothing ever goes wrong. I AM THE DOER, I AM IN CHARGE, no one else is. As you do not worry over your heartbeat and breathing while you sleep, so do not worry about anything else. I see to your heartbeat and breathing and to all that is connected to your momentary body, weather you are asleep or wake. I see to all that is, and that is far far far more than you experience or know of.

Do you cry or despair when a friend or a loved one changes the car because the old one is not working anymore ? do you ? no, you don’t. you know it is still your friend or loved one in another vehicle. That is how My creation works. That is what the seasons are. LIFE IS. It does not end. It changes form of expression. What will come, what ever time or year you will write, wether we talk about the year 2050 or 4525 you will be there, of course you will, and so will all of my creation. LIFE IS. LOVE IS. Endless, eternal, boundless…. You fret over the many ways you lay down your bodies. Be it through illness, be it by a car accident, by it by a medical error, be it by what you see in your world. It is just an exit of the scene, it is not important, bodies are not. Love is important, LOVE IS SUPREME. Love is all there is. That is why ever y moment is so special, why every moment is a celebration of life and love. First LOVE. It doesn’t matter how many things are on your schedule, all that is there is an “excuse” to share My love, to meet another heart, to meet Me in another form. All the more the rude ones, you didn’t think I don’t feel your thoughts darling? The rude one are the ones who need your love and gentleness the most, and this DOES NOT MEAN that you think being rude is ok. You don’t have to have it. (you love that one here !) you can stay in My love and say what has to be said without being affected by it.

Love can take any form, I can take any form, as you took the one you have now. You are who I am in this momentary body. I can come to you in any form – way of expression that I choose. You called out to Me, you prayed for a blessing that your mind would not be able to question, something “tangible” (as if My creation was not tangible enough, but I got your meaning sweatheart) and I did send you a very special return receipt. I did send a POD (proof of delivery) with My name on it. It is a love sign and a proof that your request has reached Me, a divine blessing which I loved sending to you ! You are My beloved as I am yours, we are lovers, WE ARE. Your prayers are heard, all of them and they are answered instantly, every single one. Does that tell you something ? Follow the thread and get the picture of My love for you, for all My children, for all of creation. My love is boundless and I take care of all. Nothing is left to randomness, nothing and no one is left out, all is settled and under My umbrella of love. All is well with all souls. I AM A GOD OF LOVE.

Your loving Father.

BEAUTIFUL, Berit! Thank you

BEAUTIFUL, Berit! Thank you so much for sharing.

Love, Gloria