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Do think I make mistakes ?

Please forgive the several typos I was not able to find, this Godwriting just "came over me".
much love to all !


Berit to God:

Beloved Father, can You pls repeat, resume what You said before when I was driving home? love You !!

God to Berit:

My beloved child, I was waiting for you. Patiently. We have a crucial appointment. I would surely outwait you if necessary. I think you know I got ya, so we will not only repeat but dwell on it. We will enter it and face it and breath it. So take some breaths now and relax.

Let’s itemize how you came to this point, ok ? whatever your thoughts, emotions, worries, upheaval .. it comes from you making comparisons with those who surround you. So let’s start there.

Do you think they have a better life ? Do you think their life is more easy ? do you think they have less worries ? DO YOU THINK THEY ARE HAPPIER THAN YOU OR MORE AT PEACE ?
Stay with this, breath this and see what comes up.

Berit to God : Sometimes it would seem so.

God to Berit: Yes, you got the perfect expression, sometimes it would SEEM so. Do you know for sure ? no. indeed you know this is not the case, for many or most are more anxious about life and family matters than you are.

How many people do you think did what you did when you woke up Sunday early morning because of the earthquake ? you prayed, for your family and for all brothers and sisters involved and… you returned to sleep !! So let me ask you : are you nuts, totally nuts or are you in my love ? how could you do this ?

Berit to God: I couldn’t do anything about it anyway if the house would come down. We wouldn’t make it out and what would I do, run with my sons and leave my furry sons behind ? I just thought that if we had to die that way I couldn’t do anything about it and prayed.

God to Berit: And you remembered also that you cannot die ! you forgot this thought. But I heard it ! so, how come you are so in my love about something like your home moving to and fro and you are still in distress about “lesser” things ? Do you think that I make mistakes ? Do you think I withhold anything from you ? do you think I do not give some things to you because you do not earn them ? these are vital questions. Sit with them. Breath them. Let them sink in. let them get you… and yes let tears come, they are welcome.

Berit to God: it not for me that I am concerned, but for my sons and I would also love to be able to provide for my parents.

God to Berit: stay with the questions and let the answer come up from within.

Berit to God: it makes me sick to think of finance, to be on my own without help, to have such a frantic work with so many problems and rude people.

God to Berit: stay with the questions. DO YOU THINK I MAKE MISTAKES ?

Berit to God: no.

God to Berit: Do you think I withhold anything from you that instead should be given to you ? Do you think that ?

Berit to God: no.

God to Berit: beloved Angel of my life, I am protecting you every second, every day, every heartbeat of yours. From what I protect you is nothing you should worry about, you are the love of my life, I know my job. And you know yours, otherwise you wouldn’t go back to sleep after an earthquake ! Your job is to be loved and guided and protected by Me, we are a perfect match. We are lovers, intimate friends. We are life itself that just flows and dances. I see the whole picture, trust in Me.

Berit to God: I love you so much !!

God to Berit: you are my treasure, my darling, my angel. Our love is all there is, nothing else matters. Our love takes you through your working days, through your household, through your finances. Our love embraces you, pervades you, you swim in our Oneness. Our love beholds my creation. The planets and stars orbit in our love. Love is the only reality that is. Let me melt your heart, dry your tears, dissolve your mind and body and soar life joyiously. When your awareness is with Me, in our love, love protects you, it shields you, love takes you beyond. Our love is what made you wake up this morning smiling, the warmth in your heart is My love dissolving it. I am yours and you are mine. Separation is not possible, not even remotely possible. Stay close to Me, stay in our love, stay in My heart, closer, more closer still, so close, so soft, so powerful. A love that is beyond your wildest dreams. Whatever you do or don’t, say or won’t say, whatever you act out or omit cannot and will not dim my love and light in your heart. You are mine. You are my love on earth. You are my love. You are my soul mate. I hold now and for ever and ever and ever.

Your loving God and Father.

Thank you so much, Berit!

Thank you so much, Berit! This is truly touching and contains the essence of all Heavenletters. I didn't go to sleep after the earthquake, but within me I knew everything was all right!
With love,
Never think that you are I. Know that I am you. /HEAVEN #515)

Dearest Paula, thanks to you

Dearest Paula,
thanks to you and your beautiful heart !!!
biggest hugs and love.

So beautiful Berit!

What God has said to and about you and about your relationship to God is so, so beautifully true! Thank you for sharing this with me and all of us! Oceans of love, Jim and Jimi.

Oceans of love to you dearst

Oceans of love to you dearst Jim and Jimi, loving you a l w a y s.