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Love is the special moment in which all melts

My dear child, lover, companion, brother, sister....

love does not require anything, no special preparation, no special ceremony, no special moment. Love is the special moment in which all melts. It doesn’t matter what you do, where you are, who talks to you, who wants what from you, you abide in love and it is a play of colors of divine creation, of divine love. You’re home, now, for good, y o u a r e h o m e n o w f o r g o o d. stay with this feeling, stay home, stay and let it sink in, let sink in every cell of your body, let it pervade your mind, let it pervade your emotions, stay and be still, now. Now it is accomplished, and you know it, you just know it. Someone might ask you: “how do you know?” you just know it, like you know love and no words could explain it properly. My love is yours, all of it. Your love is mine, all of it. I suggested you write more often, it is a wonderful means to connect more and more, because my words just flow, your hands just move on the keyboard, I am the doer, I am the writer, I am the listener, but then you don’t even listen, it just flows, my love just flows. My love flows ceaseless to all who would but receive it, to all who would but allow it. Even the pauses are my love flowing through you and to you, even the stillness, even while you stop and wait, because you are empty, you just are, just breathing me in and then the typing goes on. That is how connected we are, that is how connected I am to all, weather they write, paint, play music or whatever creative outlet is their hearts desire. I speak to all, I flow through all, I am all there is, there is only me. You are me, you are mine, and I am yours, and so I repeat what I already said so often “When nothing can be distinguished any more, there is only love, and that is you and me, one love.” So for now, let our love dance in joy through all of creation and abide in eternal stillness.

Your loving God.