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Do you feel Our Oneness ?

I AM all that you are.
There is only Me.
I am the Love you have searched for so long,
I am the Love and the Peace and the Stillness in you.
The search is over, for now we have joined.
I am all there is, I am in every cell of your body,
I am the space in between the electrons , for the “space” is not empty,
I fill everyone and everything.
My Love sparkles in all your cells,
in all bodies and in all hearts,
in your heart, who is reading this right now, and you know it.
I know you.
I know Our Love bond, even though it would be more appropriate to say I feel you.
The question is: do you feel Me ?
Do you feel Our Oneness ?
Does your heart melt with mine with every heartbeat that whispers Our Love to the Universe ?
I know the answer, do you too ?

Your Loving God

Yes, Berit. The answer is

Yes, Berit. The answer is Yes, a resounding Yes. We are One Heart spreading across the Universe.