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Only Love Is Real

God to Berit:
My most dear and precious child,
No, I did not wait for you to start writing, I kind of sneaked in and now I smile that you had to sit and write down my love whispers to you.
You are still in fear, my child, sometimes you are still in fear. I know very well that you know that you are totally safe and guided, you can’t fool Me, but sometimes you try to fool yourself and old ways of thinking want to crop up again. That is your mind, not your heart. Your heart knows how safe and joyous and amazing life is, and not because of what the bank account says or what your friends say or whatever. Your heart knows the Truth: it is ok for you now to go on living in an unlimited way – it is ok for you now to step lightly, no matter what you are dealing with – it is ok for your heart to stay in love and choose only love all the time, in all situations, in every circumstance, with every breath, with ever heartbeat. Choose love – love - love for only love is real. ONLY LOVE IS REAL. ONLY LOVE IS. I AM A GOD OF LOVE. I am your God of love ! I give you now full permission to express and share the joy that you are, for you are My child. Your only task, purpose, goal is to give love and laughter and joy. How about that ? You know the thoughts of the world are not real, they do not exist, only My love is real and eternal and all embracing and all pervading. You are the love that you seek sometimes in your moments of forgetting. I am your love, I am you savior as you are your savior, I am your mate as you are mine, I am all that you desire as you are all that I desire, I am all that delights your heart and you are all that delights My heart. Give me your worries when they come up, give me all that is not love, I can handle it anytime, I kiss all that you give Me and share and I return only sweetest, softest and warm love, hugs, laughter and intimacy, friendship. You are the love of My life as I am yours. Let my love take you beyond and soar the heavens of our hearts. I kiss you and hold in My love as we dance through life.
Your loving God.

Beloved Berit, this makes my

Beloved Berit, this makes my heart go pitter-pat! I love it when God just burst His way in! Thanks for sharing this.