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Wouldn’t you now receive all of Me ?

Berit to God:

My Beloved, I am Yours. I give You my thoughts, I give You my emotions, I give You my fears and worries, I give You all my illusions, I give my life to You for you are my Beloved !

God to Berit:

My dear child, I take all of you, I embrace you, I drown you in My love for My love dissolves all that does not belong to you. Only bliss belongs to you, your very nature is bliss. I inebriate you with My love. Like a forest fire my love gains momentum within your being, you are dazed by my love. I am turning all of you upside down and My love blossoms like fire crackers in your heart and in your mind, in every cell of your body, in every thought you might conceive, in every desire you might feel. There is only Me and this overwhelming intoxication of love is just a tiniest glimpse you have of Me. As My love holds the beloved Earth in its orbit, so My Love holds your beautiful heart in My orbit of bliss. The more glimpses you get, the more you long for more of Me, God addiction is the healthiest addiction of all. From infinite skies My Grace flows ceaselessly to all who would receive Me, without measure I shower My love an all. Wouldn’t you now receive all of Me saying “Yes, I accept Your love and I am ready to receive all of You now!” I will indeed take your breath away and you will love it. You will be drunken with My love and we will celebrate our Oneness. Heaven is now right where we are.

Your Beloved.

Oh, Berit, we sure know the

Oh, Berit, we sure know the same God!

And I am intoxicated with the words of His you write down!

Do you Godwrite™ every day, Berit?

Loving you,


Beloved Gloria, nearly

Beloved Gloria,

nearly every day yes, sometimes the schedule of the day has the better of me, in those moments He just whispers into my heart and I get lost and thank Him for holding me in His love so sweetly.

Love you.