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Turn it Over

Turn it Over

God Said:

Scott, my child, you could avoid a lot of entanglements in life if you would but turn everything over to me. So many of my children are toiling and working so hard to figure everything out on their own. They forget that I am here to help them with every detail of life, not just the large dramas that occur from time to time.

God, the divine, and my company, which is the hosts of heaven and all the resources available to me, are at your disposal at all times. Why would I not want to be involved with all that you put your hand to do in life? Am I not the one who created and made you? Do I not know how to fix anything that might come into your life? Yes, my beloved I am here for you always. Nothing is too hard or too small for me to take into my hands for you. All you have to do is…TURN IT OVER TO ME, my child. Just turn it all over to me.

Why are you so selective in giving me things to do for you? Why is it you think I will answer this prayer and not another? It is you who are selective in giving me anything my sweet child…it is all you, not me. I am willing to take anything that you give me, no matter how ridiculous it might seem to you. You see my team, my company; my entourage is at your disposal to help you any time, 24-7. You see we don’t sleep or slumber.

Even your security service companies are not near as available as I. I never rest and you are always on my mind and always on my heart. You are etched in my heart my child. You are etched in it with indelible ink, and it can never can be erased or eradicated…all you have to do is call on me…and…TURN IT OVER TO ME. You see I have a lot of my children calling on me…in fact they call and call and call on me as if I never hear their hearts prayer. You do not have to call on me my child like I have never heard you the first time. I hear you all the time. I answer you all the time. ALL PRAYERS ARE HEARD AND ANSWERED THE MINUTE, THE SECOND, AND THE MILISECOND YOU CALL. There is no time or distance between us.

Even before you call, I am answering. How can this be? With man it is impossible, but with God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE my beloved. I am your best resource for everything. Unfortunately, for most, I am your last option, and not your first option. Why? Because you just don’t think I love you enough, or care for you enough, or want to answer your prayers. Do I always answer your prayers as you would have them answered? No my sweet child, not always as you envision the prayer to be answered because I see the end from the beginning, if there was an end from the beginning, and I answer according to your highest and best interest. The interest of your eternal soul and what the soul wants first, and, foremost.

That does not mean that I don’t answer earthly requests for abundance, or for earthly needs. I do that too. All things that come into your experience and lives is important to me. There is nothing in your life that happens to you or that you need is insignificant to me. You are of utmost importance to me, and nothing comes ahead of you when it comes to our relationship and what is transpiring in your experience. All you have to do is…TURN IT OVER TO ME my child. That is all you have to do.

What does that really mean to turn it over to me, you might ask? It means once you ask, you believe that I am answering according to your highest and best interest, and then you MUST, you MUST, turn it over completely to me. So many of you know how to ask, some of you know I will answer according to your highest and best purposes and design…however…few of you actually know that you must completely release it to me and not try to answer your own prayers in the power of your humanness.

I am not ever saying that you should do nothing…all the time. It is a delicate balance and walk of faith my child. You must know what you can do without trying to direct me or micromanage God. You must do all you can do, but know that you cannot and should not do my work. My work is invisible to the human eye, but highly visible in the realm of eternal spirit where I dwell and exist. You cannot see me work, and that is why it takes trust on your part to believe that I am on your side and answering your prayers completely.

So, my beloved, trust is essential when it comes to turning it over to God. Faith also is essential when it comes to turning it over to God. Turning it over to God, for some might look like you are giving up. I love that word…giving up. I love you to give up. I love it when you toil so hard and finally give up. Why? I am not masochistic. I am not egotistical. I am your lover and friend. I want you to do well my child. I want you to win, and not to lose as you would say. You are a winner…because I created you…and I am a winner. I cannot lose. Even when others think the divine has lost…I still win…they just do not recognize me. No, I love it when you give up, and let God take it over for you.

Faith works in tandem with trust. You will never have complete and total faith until you have built a foundation of trust with the divine. Do you trust me completely my child? Or, do you just trust me when it is convenient for you? Do you really turn it all over to me, or are you rather selective? Why be selective, when you can turn it over to me…ALL OF IT?

Why not make a pact with me today my child to TURN IT ALL OVER TO ME?
I can handle anything you throw my way, really I can…



Submitted by: D. Scott Arant

Learning to trust, that's a

Learning to trust, that's a big one!
Trust and Faith, Faith and Trust in God.

Need to remember this more often. Same with 'turning it over' to God, certainly takes weight off the shoulders!

Thank you for the reminder, God/Scott!
Love and Light,