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There Is No Judgment

God Said:

Scott, suicide is one of the biggest anathemas of your society. It sends reverberations of fear in the heart of human beings. It causes great sorrow and anguish of spirit. From a parent’s viewpoint it is one that is hard to bear. All kinds of pain, hurt and guilt come up because of a loved one who has decided to terminate their human existence.

From my heavenly perspective it is experienced quite differently. There is no judgment of the soul for termination of life. There is no damnation over this termination. There is only love and restoration for the soul in heaven. There is only compassion. Heaven stands poised to help all that feel their life was too hard to continue on. Only love and great compassion is expressed and there is no guilt or shame associated with this termination of life…suicide as you call it.

This life, or soul, will have another chance to make this early termination right again. Remember, from the divine’s vantage point…THERE IS NO DEATH…only from your human point of view. There is only life with the divine, and because I created everyone with eternal life that is all that is experienced from the soul level. They walk into life and death, as you call it, as if going from one doorway into another. It is that simple.

You have died many times. You just don’t remember my child. Some of you had tragic deaths as you would rate it. Some of you died horrific deaths, even tortuous deaths in your incarnations. One death is no different than another…it is just the termination of life. Whether, the death comes by natural causes or by trauma it is all the same with the divine. Only humans with their emotions and lack of understanding think otherwise.

If you have had a loved one commit suicide as you call it, don’t take it personally. Each one makes their own decisions in life. I created all with free will and choice. They made the choice, not you, to terminate this existence. As sad as that is for a parent, child, lover, or friend, be assured they are in my arms and embrace. I will never forsake them in spite what you have learned in religion. Others opinions of this act of termination, is only their opinion. The only opinion that really matters is mine…would you not agree?

These loved ones, my beloved, are in the safest and most healing environment they ever imagined could be possible. They were confused my child and forgot who they were and are. They just forgot. They felt the pain of their current existence was just too great to bear…and in their minds…they put themselves out of their “misery”. The divine has resources in heaven to help them. These too, will see at last that their early termination only exited them from their earthly lesson. They realize once they get here again that they will have to face this again in another lifetime. The circumstances will be different but they will come back to earth some day to face their lesson again as another form.

You see heaven is very gracious to all, even when my children decide to take their fate into their own hands. Love is always present for all and for every conceivable situation. There are no surprises here. There is no guilt here. There is no pain here…only in your existence and in your world does this come into being. As tragic as this termination may seem to you, it is only considered an early termination of human existence. No judgment exists.

Each soul experiences its own advancements and contractions in any given lifetime. This is what they wanted to experience but they forgot. The ego-world and all its trappings, became too much, and overwhelmed them. Don’t be filled with remorse my sweet beloved, you will see them again. They will be there when you are ready to transition back to me in heaven. They will be different though even though totally recognizable by you. They will take on the immortality and the essence of the divine. They will have complete love and understanding. All their tears will be wiped away and hope will return to their hearts. All love is here for them…it always has…and it always will be.

These beloved children who decide on early termination are filled with guilt and remorse for what they have done to themselves. This act was not done for any other reason than the fact that they just could not handle this life as they had pre-supposed. There is no failure or blame here and when they review their own life, they see where they mis-perceived and mis-created. They will have another chance my beloved. All is well!

With Love and Tenderness to you my beloved,


Submitted by: D. Scott Arant