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Scott, partnership is a wonderful thing and can cause great expansion in your experience, or great contraction, depending on what side of the coin that the relationship lands. Partnerships can be very dynamic or very contracting...You will choose which one it is.

Let’s talk about the contracting partnerships first. Everyone joins into partnership with another with the vision of expansion and not of contraction. Many times these relationships, whether they are romantic in nature, or a business venture, or the like, start out with the best of intentions. Not one of you goes into this agreement without thinking it will benefit you in some way. When the relationship goes “south”, as you would say the partnership breaks up, and it is very hard for either one of the partners to form another partnership again, because of hurt feelings towards one another.

This has happened to almost all of you at one point in your lives. What are the statistics for your marriage partnerships lasting? Anyone, you would say, that is in their right mind would never join in this kind of partnership again…after all who needs the “brain damage”, or the grief, as you would say. Those that join into partnership without an inner knowing that it is the right thing to do will be greatly disappointed, and even devastated by it. This is always the possibility you risk in all relationships formed.

Partnerships, like many things you encounter in your life, start out on the “right” foot as you would say, and at first, they are in the “honeymoon” stage of reality. Then, one or the other begins to disagree with the way a partner doe’s things or handles life, and one, or the other begins to start “picking apart” each other. They have this Cinderella idea that this relationship or partnership will be romantic or empowering forever…not knowing that the real reality of things might be quite different. So, many of these partnerships end up in divorce, or separation, and some even come to a place of hatred for one another.

Why did not these partnerships work out according to each others dreams, goals and vision of the partnership working and thriving? There are so many scenarios that it would be hard to cover them all…but let’s just say plainly that they lost their love for each other. Have you lost a love who was your lover at one time? Have you trashed a relationship that possibly could have worked had one of you bent and conceded to the other? Yes, my beloved there are all kinds of possibilities that could have made the relationship work and thrive. The biggest is that of love, or the lack thereof.

I will condemn none of my children for any such so called mistakes. If you can handle this…THERE ARE NO MISTAKES IN THE DIVINE. There are only learning lessons to help you in the evolution and development of your soul. I don’t see anything you do as a mistake, an error, or a blunder…just a learning experience. Mistakes only are the flip side of every coin and possibility as you see it. Some of you are so terrified of making a mistake that you will not try anything…you have given up on life. Your dreams were probably dashed and you no longer are able or willing to trust another.

This in itself is a miscreation of belief…not a mistake. Mistakes, as you call them only let you know how you should have handled a situation, event, or relationship differently next time you have a chance. Many of you have beaten yourselves up so many times over lost, and what you called, failed relationships, or partnerships. This too, is a miscreation on your part, and a gross misperception of reality as I see it. If you could see as I see things, from the perspective of heaven and eternity you would dive into relationships with a sense of learning something important from each relationship.

You will find that if you go into relationships with this kind of attitude…they can work…but if not, you tried, you did not go into it to purposely fail. You tried my child and that is all I care about…not that you really failed, as you would say. Have you caught on yet that I do not see you as failures yet? God does not create failures. The word failure is not in my vocabulary…it does not exist we me, the divinity of all. This word and belief only resides with you and your miscreation. I only see you as my children. I see you as perfect and complete and lacking nothing. Only you see yourselves differently because of human conditioning and the power of the ego-mind that is contrary in nature to God, the one who created you.

So many have projected your ego upon God that I barely have a chance to have a loving relationship and divine partnership with you my creation. This is sad indeed, but I know some day you will awake from your sleep and will open your eyes to who I really am, and how I really feel about you my beloved. I cannot be anything but love and in love for you. You might think I don’t love you for any one of many reasons, but I counter that, and I say…I always love all of my children, my creation the same. None is any better than the other because they were created, one and all in my likeness and divine image.

Each was created uniquely with different qualities and gifts they could bring into creation. Every one has their part to play in the human world of existence. I made it this way, and it is all GOOD.

What about a partnership that will make it really work, have you thought much about this? Yes, it takes a love that is deeper than a surface feeling of well being. Many of you have “jumped” into partnerships and relationships that you had business to do so. You were “in love”, as you would say. It takes struggles, and dramas, and at times deep sadness to deepen you relationship and make it deep. Oh, how you humans run from all of this…and yet…this is what you came here to experience so you could deepen our relationship with each other, and so your eternal soul could grow deeper.

This is why I gave you earthly relationships too. You knew coming into this world that there would be challenges because you wanted them. You wanted to experience pain and loss and sadness and everything you deem to be hurtful. Not because you are crazy, but because you agreed to these so that your soul would grow. From a human perspective this is nothing but preposterous and asinine. From my perspective, and yours, when you agreed to it, was perfectly harmonious with your deepest desires and longings.

I created you for the very reason of divine partnership. I saw you as my partner. Do you see me as yours? I said “this is my child, the creation of my mind, of my heart, and of my essence. I will love you unconditionally because, that is who I am, and that is the way I will always act with you in mind”. You came to this earth with a divine mission and purpose. You had goals you wanted to accomplish, and you knew from your heart level that you could accomplish all these goals that you desired because I would help you, I would be your silent partner. I was the one who would finance the operation, so to speak. I would be there every step of the way with you, through “thick and thin” as you would say. I promised you before you came here to this existence that I would never leave you or forsake you and that I would never fail you. You believed this. You accepted it with great joy and anticipation.

Then you arrived here and you found it completely opposite of what you envisioned with me. You were born to parents who agreed with you to come here and help you accomplish your divine soul’s growth and vision for your expansion. You came here with human abnormalities and maladies of the flesh. You agreed to all of these so that you soul could expand and transcend them. You chose it my child for these divine purposes…but you forgot them. You forgot who you were…the essence of the divine. You forgot that nothing is impossible to you…you forgot it all…and all of your forgetting was in the plan too…you just forgot.

Even as I took Adam and made him fall fast asleep…so I made this sleep come into your earthly experience. God, for many seems to be only a dream in this world of yours, when at one time in the heavenlies, God was your reality and your reason for existence. You just fell asleep and many of you have not awakened yet to me or to yourselves. There will come a time where you will awaken to this partnership, and when you do decide to awaken, this will be a grand time. It will be a time of great awakening and a quickening of your spirits. I await for this awakening of your hearts, my beloved.

Sometimes this quickening of the spirit will come in disguise. You will think it is the ending of your life or existence. Some catastrophe or devastation, as you would call it, will start to awaken you. You see, it is hard to awaken someone when everything is going the way they think it should go. Do you realize that some of your greatest gifts are divinely masked and disguised as what you thought were catastrophes, and calamities that come into your existence on earth? My child, it is human nature for you to avoid pain, sorrow and grief, but if you knew as I knew, you would let them work into your being, the sweet essence of my sweetness and delight.

Instead, you run from all that you perceive as negative. You have a relationship that fails and you say, “I will never do that again”, or, “I will never love again, because every time I open my heart, someone kicks it and dashes it to pieces”. Or you say, “Well, that person or business partner was bad to me and I will not risk another failure”. And, all this does is cause you not to risk or trust again. I did not create you with this attitude; you adopted it and married it as a belief and miscreation of your own. I see every seeming failure of yours as a total and complete success. It is what you wanted. From my perspective, which is, perspective of heaven, I see it as something that if allowed by you to work a deeper work in your heart, will create exactly what you came here to create.

Again, this is takes great faith on your part to adopt this new belief. Partnerships were given you as a great tool for soul growth and expansion. Allow yourself to perceive differently. Allow yourself the luxury of seeing like me. Go higher and deeper my child and you will see as me. Accept the good with the bad, as you would see. Good and bad are only an ego judgment and are only your earthly perception. Ego is a fake, and a false representation of God, and who I really am. This ego helps you though. It always brings you back to me; you see, I do not let anything go to waste, I use it all. You see things through ego eyes and this becomes your miscreation. Get a higher and deeper vision and you will change your belief about me, and, about you.

God craves your partnership. The divine always sees you as its partner, but do you my child? Why not partner up with me? We could make a great team. We could high five each other along this life’s path and journey of your soul. I am excited about this relationship between you and me. We are great friends and lovers. Do you see the same my beloved child? Do you see me as your friend and lover? Well, if you don’t, I wish you would, because that is the truth. I always am here for you even when you are not here for me. I am your greatest fan in life. I applaud you for every step you take, even if you fall my child. I will pick you up if you will only let me.

Why do you blame me instead for all these problems you encounter on this earth? Why do you look at me and say, “Why don’t you do something here, God”? “Why do you stand there not helping me, God?” But, I do my child, I do. I never stop helping you. But, I also know your heart and soul’s purpose and I will not interfere with your gifts that you bring to yourself. Why would I interfere with your growth and purposes for this earthly experience? You would not want me to interfere my child. When you get back to me and transition from this earthly experience it will all be made clear to you.

Would you just love me unconditionally like I love you? Would you just trust me that I know what I am doing? Would you quit resisting every time something seemingly negative comes your way? How about you and I coming into divine agreement and partnership again? I will pick up the shattered pieces of your life if you will but let me. I will take all your seeming faults and failures and make them into a beautiful tapestry of my grace and love. Let these seeming negatives work in your behalf my beloved, instead of working to distract you from your soul’s greatest desire…for you to be more like the divinity of your Father-Mother God.

Let’s join hands in agreement that no more judgments will be made about what is right and what is wrong. Let’s make an agreement that we will love and trust each other like no other can do. I know I will not fail you…I know who I am…do you know who you are my beloved? Be like your heavenly Father. Act like who you really are. Let me take your hand and help you as I have not left you as orphans to fight and fend for yourselves.
No, I am your ALL IN ALL. Will you be my partner? I will always be yours!

It was an auspicious day for

It was an auspicious day for us all when you came to the last Godwriting workshop. How long had you been subscribing? If I remember correctly, you decided just about immediately to come, and then you drove twelve hours to get here.

Will you tell us how it feels for you to Godwrite and anything else you'd like to tell us?

God bless you, and many thanks to God.

With love,


Hi Gloria, I would love to

Hi Gloria,
I would love to say I have been Godwriting for years, but that would be a lie.
I was getting some messages from above I thought at least about since July of 07.

I had a friend tell me about the website: and thought I might like it since I was inclined to write, and loved to write. I have no formal writing skills. I love communication and always have. I only possess a high school diploma and have never been to a formal college.

Anyway, when I heard about Heaven Letters and went on the website is when I found Gloria doing her last workshop in Iowa. For some strange reason beyond my thinking I knew I had to be there. I told my wife of my thoughts, and normally my wife is very conservative in nature and will make me think about something before I leap into is my custom. So, I appreciate her lack of impulsiveness about things. We are a great balance to each other this way.

To my surpirse she thought it was a great idea. At this point I got suspicious and wondered if she was just trying to get rid of me for a weekend...just kidding :)

So, I checked into airline tickets and car rental and just decided to drive there. The rest is history. Gloria, was awesome and I know one reason I was to be there was because of her. She is just real special, like an angel to me. So, nothing earth shattering came out of the workshops except her wonderful and loving instruction.

One thing that did stand out to me was the fact that she said you can Godwrite tm all the time, anytime. That struck me because I felt you had to be in "the mood" to do it, which was only a belief system I constructed. So, that has been real helpful to me as a wonderful tip. I think sometimes we think we have to be in a spiritual state so to speak before we can "come up" with if we can come up with anything that even resembles Godwriting tm.

So, since the workshop I have had a little more time but I also am getting consistant messages or themes where I will feel like Godwriting. Usually, I do not know fully what I am going to just seems to flow. As anything, sometimes if flows easier than other times. Kind of like our normal ebb and flow of normal life.

So, that is my story...and I am stickin to it. :)

With love and deep gratitude,

Ps. I forgot to mention all the neat and wonderful people I met at the workshop too.
They are the creme de la creme. :)

Dearest Scott, many thanks

Dearest Scott,

many thanks for sharing this wonderful experience. Yes, you simply had to be there and I am thankful for all the Godwriting you are sharing with us. It is really a wonderful journey !!

big hugs to you !

Love and blessings

Certainly, those of us who

Certainly, those of us who met at the workshop met for some reason. It wasn't eight other people. It was the eight of us. Which one of us knows all the winding and the connections that made this happen. I've read books that would say that the eight of us had a contract to meet. I dunno. I'm certainly glad we did.

At the same time, it has to be that our meeting was incidental to God's work.

My understanding of Godwriting workshops is that God is there. Well, we know that God is everywhere, and yet the only explanation for Godwriting that I can see is that God comes in, and so we Godwrite.

It's interesting that you mention no formal writing skills! Sometimes we're better off, Scott!
Certainly in terms of Godwriting we are. .I remember a Godwriting workshop where a wonderful lady had just attended a writing workshop, and she was telling us all that she had learned. She had learned so much about writing. When she was finished, I said: "That's wonderful! And now you want to forget all you learned!"

You make a great point here, Scott, about our not having to wait for a mood or anything. Some people have thought that we have to have spectacular spiritual experiences before we can Godwrite. Not at all. There doesn't have to be anything notable about us. All we have to be is a Human Being. God is the Godwriter!

You make another great point, Scott. We don't know ahead of time what God is going to say. If we know ahead of time, it could be our preconceived ideas. Do you find that God is full of surprises?

With love and blessings,


Yes, to all Gloria... And

Yes, to all Gloria...
And thanks for being open enough to risk Godwriting tm. I know your initial experience with it was exhilerating to you to say the least, but when you first shared it with your acquaitances and friends, it was not recieved as well. They thought you were losing your mind...and in a sense you were...because you have to be "out of your mind" to Godwrite. That is not to say the mind is not involved, it certainly is, but what happens when you open to Godwriting tm and allow God to fill your mind with its mind...things come out of it that even you as a person writing are amazed with.

All of you can Godwrite tm. I know this...Gloria and others who have experienced it know it. All you have to do is sit down and trust the divine to write through you as an artist would play through its instrument. You are the instrument and God is the artist.

With Love,

Listening to all of you

Listening to all of you 'Godwriters', it is like God 'coming out of the closet'. He/She isn't tucked away in some unreachable place anymore, but makes him/herself available to you and me and everybody else, with his/her immeasurable unconditional love.

I love it!

It is a blessing and a

It is a blessing and a priviledge to Godwrite tim.
Thanks for your comments sweet Xenia.

With Love,