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Y/Our Love

Your, Our Love
Is All
If we didn't communicate another word
You and I and All
This would be sufficient unto itself
In the leading "back" Home
For My Children to hear and follow the Call
You see, I See you as you've always been
There is no sin
Momentary forgetting perhaps
At best
Or "worst"
Yet words have not the capacity and comparisons are not My and therefore Our Way
Each breath you take, you start anew
It's just the addiction to what was and what's to come that hinders love from knowing it's new
Did you see how I switched your name from you to Love?
If we must name
Such is the case with All, including "Me":)
Don't you see?
Of course you do
Names are markers
Destination points
Signs that tell you how you're doing or what's next to come in your day
Throw it all away
Or if they're still what you would use
To judge how you've or another's done or is to do
Then tuck them away, here and there
For a bit
And then longer then
Each time
Or let them fly away
So to come to the greatest Truth
Already found
That Love is the only Way
The perfect direction
Beyond north, east, west or south
Even more so than up and down
It's this circular-cellular-spatial energetic quality
Beyond anything measured
And yet it exists within the arena of place and time
For a time
And then it is done
It has served You well
It has served Me well
It has served Love well
In thanks, Heaven replaces hell
For even in death there is Life
For there is no such thing as death
Therefore, all there Must Be, Is Life
No need to practice or try
Just to cease to deny
A, "Just" to Be
What, Who
All always Are
With "Me"
Perfectly Free:)

So said "God" regarding "You" and "Me"

Copyright (c) Michael Mayer 2007

well, sort of :)