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Indiscriminate Love

*as a side note...the dictionary describes "indiscrminate" as "wanting in discrimination...random, haphazard...confused, motley...not properly restricted or restrained...promiscuous"...from those words to the eyes, ears, and hearts of all...if only it would be as so

Indiscriminate Love
Our eminent Love
Spiritual Love
Which We Are, Of
Is incomparably above
Human love
Because it doesn't define and compare
It doesn't fight for or against
Because it's not scared
This, Our Love
Knows no below
No one below
Just All
In the Highest of Highs
Evenly so
Indiscriminate Love
Doesn't get at all, all caught up in
Resulting pain
From some stub on the toe
It doesn't refrain
From living As Love
It doesn't allow worldly to-and-fro's
To put it in the throes
Instead it Masters
The Light
Our Bright
For Us
Until we're ready to remember and Know
What we already
Perfectly Know
Indiscriminate Love
Perfectly reveals
The Spiritual Love
We currently conceal
It revels
In the Within
That stems
From unconditional Wealth
Of Beingness
Perfect Peace
Seeing that
And nothing else
Is our Reality
From temporarily dreaming
Our Eternal We
Taking our permanent leave
From conditionality

Copyright (c) Michael Mayer 2007