Trust in the Driver of the Bus Named Faith

God said:

My Beloveds, whenever you feel struggle, it is because you protest. Whenever you feel suffering, it is from struggle. You may think you are trying to understand, but you are trying to hold on. You don't have to understand. If I waited for you to understand it all, I would have to wait longer than I do.

God holds you, and you kick and scream.

Every time you say "God, but…" you are protesting. You cannot reason with Me. You know not reason. You cannot talk Me into or out of. I do not need your approval. You need your surrender.

Earth is rising to Heaven, and you cannot stay the same as you were. You cannot stay behind. You cannot. You have to rise. You have to rise to Me.

Part of you wants to say: "Dear God, please don't rush me. Give me a little bit more time to stay just as I am. I am afraid of losing myself. I am afraid I will disappear."

And I am telling you that you are not your perceptions. When your used-up perceptions disappear, you will appear. You cannot disappear when you have not yet appeared. Letting go of smallness is not your disappearance. You never were the limits you set for yourself. I am telling you to appear. Walk out of the past assumptions you have held on to so dearly.

You say, "But, God, I have to know where I am going. I have to know what I am doing."

And I say, "You do not."

It is one of your old perceptions that you must know where you are going. It is an old perception that you ever did know where you were going. You never did know that you would be where you are now, doing as you are now. You do not know how you got here. Gloria does not know why she writes My words, and you do not know why you read them.

Accept that you do it for Me. Accept that your life is not yours. It is not yours alone. It is Mine.

I have grand plans in store for you. Left to your own devices, you might pass them by.

Do not struggle to know what My plans are, and do not struggle against them.

You are not rising to war. You are rising to peace.

You will not drift as you rise to peace. I am setting your course, and there is nothing you have to do but let go of past predictions and past everything. You are stepping out of the past. Wouldn't you like to be free of all the bonds that have kept you chained?

I do not chain you. I free you.

You have to know the difference between being chained and the loosening of the chains. Knowing that difference is faith in Me. The chains never were, except that you thought so.

Nothing holds you back but your previous perceptions. And your previous perceptions are based on lack of faith in Me. Choose faith in Me. You have waited long enough for faith.

Consider Faith a bus you have been waiting for. The bus won't stop unless you flag it down. And then you have to step up into the bus. You have to take the bus. You have to present yourself. It won't take you anywhere until you present yourself.

So, get on a bus named Faith, and trust in the Driver that He knows where He is going and that He will take you to the right place. Trust the faith that is in you. Accrue to it. Faith is yours. You have the token in your heart. Get on.

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Get on.

Sometimes not understanding does not look like too much of a problem or even a problem at all, it's not important.

In this case, not understanding is quite disturbing, particularly when I feel accused of willfully not understanding.

Maybe God is holding me, and I kick and scream.
Maybe I am afraid of losing myself.
Maybe I need to walk out of past assumptions.
Maybe I don't have to know where I am going.
Maybe my life is not mine.
Maybe I'm struggling against God's plans.
Maybe there is nothing I have to do but let go of past predictions and past everything.
Maybe my previous perceptions are based on lack of faith in God.

I don't mind. But all of these statements do not help me have faith or even have an inkling as to what it is or what it feels like. Is it possible to refuse having faith and not know about it?

Flagging down a bus and then getting on is a wonderful graphic image. Trying to imagine flagging down the bus to Heaven, there is indeed a moment's hesitation. Where does faith come from when it is said to be there but you don't see, let alone feel it? Put differently, How can you want to surrender when you don't?

Faith. Trust. Dear God, it seems the only thing I trust in is breach of trust. But if You say I do have faith, I'll try to somehow sense it. Flag down the bus and get on no matter what? How? I don't see a bus.