changing your perception

If You Could Sit on the Crescent Moon

God said:

No longer are you to be a complainer, a griper. No more crabbing about life in general or your life in particular. Eliminate all complaints. Do not voice them any longer. This is for your sake as well as for the sake of others, and for the world at large.

Complaints, no matter how accurate, pull down your energy. Simply complain no more. That's it. When you catch yourself complaining, stop.

When There Is a New Look in Your Eyes

God said:

Now that I have told you not to carry over yesterday's hurt feelings or annoyances, today I want to tell you that this doesn't mean you must continue every relationship or every dealing with a business or anything. Let Us say that a salesperson in a certain store was inconsiderate or rude to you, and you are not happy to go there anymore. You don't want to harbor a sense of the rudeness and hold a grudge, yet you are also free not to return to the store. You don't want to make a big deal of anyone's inconsiderateness, yet maybe that store is not the right place for you.

The Unboundedness of You

God said:

Assume you are unboundedness. Unboundness means no barriers. The truth is that there are no barriers. All barriers are illusions. They are painted cardboard fences that you think are stone.

There is no barrier that you cannot break through, climb over, walk around. Barriers exist only in your mind. Someone said they were there, and you accepted that they were. You set up the supposed barriers, or someone else did.

Barriers are a deck of cards. Your breath can blow them over without a backward glance.

Trust in the Driver of the Bus Named Faith

God said:

My Beloveds, whenever you feel struggle, it is because you protest. Whenever you feel suffering, it is from struggle. You may think you are trying to understand, but you are trying to hold on. You don't have to understand. If I waited for you to understand it all, I would have to wait longer than I do.

God holds you, and you kick and scream.

Every time you say "God, but…" you are protesting. You cannot reason with Me. You know not reason. You cannot talk Me into or out of. I do not need your approval. You need your surrender.

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