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Translations update


We have been working on a more organised and useful translation system. There are a few more things we have to sort out before we can present it to you. You will notice that the translations are now in the archived section of the forum and that the flags are not on the home page anymore. This is to let you know that none of your selfless work has gone unoticed and that we are in fact going to put your translations to maximum use.

Here's a little inside info...

When working with multi-lingual sites, search engines find it hard to associate multiple languages with one domain name. This means that people searching for spiritual information on their language specific search engines have a small chance of finding your beautiful translations. The system we are busy with allows each language to have it's very own domain name, that search engines will include in their language specific indexes eg. and

The translation process will be almost as simple as posting on the forums and certainly more organised. Once logged in a translator can browse to any page or Heavenletter on this website and click on a translate link. This will immediately reveal what languages the Heavenletter or page has been translated into. You would then click on translate, and copy your translation to the site or translate live on the site. When you click save, the translation will appear automatically on home page for that language. If you have not finished the translation, you may save it and leave it as unpublished, until it is finished.

There have been some concerns about some missing translations from the old forum...well not to worry, we have not deleted the data from that forum and your translations will be retrieved.

One Love

I'm really,really

I'm really,really flabbergasted.

It's been several minutes since I've read the above and I'm still numb. This translation update is far from everything I could expect. Honestly. To me, the translation system was already perfect. You know what I mean? I thought it was everything it could be, that there was no much leeway for improvement.... Now , a new, undreamed world opens up and I'm standing in awe, like Alice in Wonderland.

Santhan and all the others members of this Dream-Team that I haven't the chance to know yet, you made my day! When you talked about improvements, I was expecting something small, not a miracle!

Do you think that I'm exaggerating or getting unrealistic? Not, in the least.

As I chose to come and live here, I'll talk about this region of Earth, which I know better than the others : Greece. I know for a fact that the internet access rate in Greece keeps speeding up the last 2 or 3 years.

Odds are, that exponentially more and more people will get a pc and an internet connection in the years to come. Having anticipated this growth, our amazing technical team, geared timely to the needs of the new era and made Light more available to our awakening family everywhere.

Fancy that!!!

Free,unlimited God in more houses! Isn't that Heaven coming closer to Greece and to all Earth or what?

I have admiration for your

I have admiration for your work, thank you!!! :thumbup:

Wow, what beautiful

Wow, what beautiful comments. When I read what everyone writes, I feel high. Yes, some miracles are going on here. All I can do is watch in wonder and feel God's light.

With love and blessings,