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Grand Première

Dearest Friends:

Now, I can proudly say that I have entered into the God's Realm.

I'm very pleasant and joyous to have the key to open this new splendid House.

The God's Touch was put here to enlighten the minds and hearts of all and each of the designers of this so wonderful new Home.

This Heaven's Garden for us, the Translators, is all a blissfulness.

All my gratitude, blessings and love for all of you.

In lakech... A Laken...
(I Am You) (You Are Me)


Beloved Gloria Janaya --

Beloved Gloria Janaya -- myself!

Can you imagine the immense joy we have that Heavenletters are translated into so many languages, and that translators like yourself are happy to translate from the goodness of their hearts?

Who is happier? The translators? The people who read the translations? Heaven admin?

I don't know how it can happier.

With love and blessings,


Dearest Heaven

Dearest Heaven Team:

Fortunately, the true Truth is at our hand reach and it's not requested we to move to huge libraries to access to It. The Truth is Here and Now.

Light & Love,


And the Truth shall Set You Free! (La Verdad Os Hará Libres).
The Realm of Heaven Is Within You (El Reino de los Cielos se encuentra dentro de Ti).

Beloved Master Jesus The Christ
(Amado Maestro Jesús El Cristo)