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Dear Gloria

My heart is full of gratitude for Heavenletters.
They have made a difference in my life through my reading and my sharing them. The way so many inner movements are named after being unnamed for so long.
I have liked every single one since I started reading them, and I find myself full of anticipation every morning when I start my computer.
But today I want to tell you specifically about Heavenletter # 2341 Behold The Light. I rejoiced reading it. It gave me a feeling of inner peace that still remains with me.
I translated it today, and found myself thinking every so often "How beautiful!"
The sentence "I would look into your eyes, and I would find Myself swimming in the light of your eyes" talks to me in ways I can't put into words, but are wordlessly so powerful within.
Imagine! I don't know you personally, but I thought of your very own eyes, and I figured I would see God in there if I ever met you.
Now I am looking for God's gaze all over, even in those eyes that do avert from mine. He is there, I know it, and that is very comforting to my soul.
Thank you so very much.


Dearest Margarita, you are

Dearest Margarita,

you are so right, I mean "Behold the Light" is beautiful and deep and simply beyonds words. it is really so beautiful, so much love. It can't be expressed in words, it's all in the heart.
Yes, now looking into the eyes of those around is different, searching for God's love and smile and finding it, may be also in persons who we don't know at all or not well is wonderful !
I wanted to write to you also for thanking you for the spanish translations, you did much work. Spanish is a wonderful language I think, it's more like most beautiful music than a language.
it's so beautiful to see Heavenletters translated in all these different languages, I love looking at them.

All my love