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Things I Would Change About Myself

Not to get down
On myself or someone "else"
Or if down
Then not to stay down
Or hold an"other" down
Not to knock down or feel as if I've been felled

Not to be about
Me, me, me
But, rather, to Be about
A Higher call
That touts the spirituality of one and all instead of singling out
Someone, anyone, as the maker or breaker of my all

To smile and laugh more often
To soften
By "going to"
Coming from
The stillness Within
As the lighthearted Son

To focus on letting things go
So my vision is more sharp
Instead of "seeing" all those priors
On which I would so frequently, previously harp
Improvising, ad-libbing the script
Fine-tuning my part, opening my heart

To bless instead of curse
To expect the best instead of the worst
To grow by becoming as a Child
To move forward by turning back the dial
To Be the Freedom
That Knows all in Truth, all the while

To give thanks, in appreciation of
Everyone and everything
For the perfect songs love does bring
Inspiring, leading, reminding me to jump for joy and sing
Of the beauty in everything
For, the eternally exquisite season of, no particular reason at all


with Love and infinite


with Love and infinite Gratitude


How old are you Mike? I

How old are you Mike? I have the impression that your are still young but your writings have the wisdom of an old soul.

I know, I know, you will say: we are all old souls, eternal souls.......
It's just that I'm in awe!

Cheers to eternity!

Hey Xenia...thanks so much

Hey Xenia...thanks so much for your kind words:) gonna be 38 in's interesting, often when i was younger, even in my teens or prior, was when i felt more like an old soul, kinda heavy, seemingly weighed down by the hands of time, but now as time goes by, and i learn of my Identity as God's Whole, Holy Child, i'm more carefree and laugh more often and smile, than i did going back a while...i think in this life things have kinda worked in reverse for me...sort of like "deconstructing mike"...i'll add here a writing i wrote while in my teens...Blessings, my Dear Friend and Angel of Love...nos hablamos lluego...ciao y gracias otra vez...miguel:)

An Old Man and A Youth

Downtrodden and weary has become this man
Whose body is naught save a hardened shell
Whose heart is weakened by the hands of time
Whose soul is dimmed with fearful thoughts and darkened with weighty dreams
Downtrodden and weary has grown this man
And what force shall lift his oppression?
Until when shall he cease looking behind while his reality lies ahead?
For this man, with all his deep-seated fears and distorted hopes, has resigned himself to life
He has forsaken previous thoughts of death in favor of today
Which for him holds a fate more terrifying than some end could ever present
His days of youth consisted of games and splendor and laughters shared
Yet were always overshadowed by silent contemplation
Mysterious thought that to this day continues to haunt his being
Downtrodden and weary has grown this man
Yet strange, he rises high before his imperfections and touches the Gods
He takes solace in his aloneness and in thought and dream creates a silent refuge in the sky
If only for a moment he mends his broken wings and soars above forgotten memories
Like a confused yet sacred detective he uncovers life's hidden veils and records them for all to see
Anxiously does he await his truth
Yet secretly dreads its fruition
And for this, and this alone, does he gaze upon his soul with perplexity and fear
Downtrodden and weary has grown this man
And yet he, who is me, remains forever free
A seed, nurtured by life to be sown
A petal, loved by the winds to be blown

WOW! You wrote that as a

WOW! You wrote that as a teenager? Deep stuff, Michael!

I'm glad to hear that you are 'lightening' up as time goes by and that you are waking up to your TRUE Identity.

We once listened to a lecture about Rudolph Steiner (the one who created the Waldorf Schools) and how he saw men's development in 7-year cycles. They all made sense and the one I remember best, is when men/women reach the age of 35. That is when they start asking the question "Who am I?", "What is my mission?", "Why am I here?", and so on.....
My husband and I lauged, because that was about the age we started our quest which lead us through decades of new discoveries in the mental, physical and spiritual realms. We embarqued in a new way of life and better knowledge about ourselves.

Nowdays, I find younger and younger people asking those questions and more wisdom in many of them. Some children even, seem to remember their TRUE identity. I think we truely are in the Age of Enlightement.

May Light continue shining upon you, dear friend.

Beautiful again

Beautiful again Mike...

Thanks for bearing your heart and soul to us. Your transparency is wonderful.


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